Collective nouns list
    subject collective noun and usage
    wagersA book of wagers
    waitersA absence of waiters
    walkersAn amble of walkers
    wallabiesA mob of wallabies
    list of collective nouns
    subject collective noun and usage
    walrusesA herd of walruses
    warshipsAn armada of warships
    warthogsA sounder of warthogs
    washing machinesA shudder of washing machines
    waspsA nest of wasps
    waterfowlA plump of waterfowl
    weaponsA cache of weapons
    weaselsA sneak of weasels
    weaversA shuttle of weavers
    whalesA school of whales
    wheatA sheaf of wheat
    whelpsA litter of whelps
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    Collective Nouns List