All collective nouns - W
    Subject Collective Noun with usage
    wagersA book of wagers
    waitersAn absence of waiters
    waitersAn indifference of waiters
    waitersAn order of waiters]], absence of waiters
    walkersAn amble of walkers
    wallabiesA mob of wallabies
    walrusesA herd, pod, huddle of walruses
    walrusesAn ugly of walruses
    wankersA palm of wankers
    wardrobe ladiesA measure of wardrobe ladies
    warlocksAn incantation of warlocks
    waspsA nest, destruction, bike, colony, of wasps
    waspsA pail of wasps
    waterfowlA bunch of waterfowl
    waterfowlA knob of waterfowl (less than 30)
    waterfowlA plump of waterfowl
    waterfowlA raft of waterfowl (on water)
    weaselsA sneak of weasels(derivation: behaviour)
    weaselsA sneak, pack, gang of weasels
    webmastersA linkage of webmasters
    webmastersA net of webmasters
    webpagesA charlotte of webpages
    weedA stash of weed (when hidden)
    Weight WatchersA wailing of Weight Watchers
    whalesA gam, plump of whales
    whalesA grind of whales (bottle-nosed)
    whalesA herd, mob of whales
    whalesA pod of whales
    whalesA school, float, shoal, run, troup of whales
    whales. bottle-nosedA grind of whales
    wheatA sheaf of wheat (stalks]] of grain tied together.)
    whitingA pod of whiting
    whoresA Parliament of whores (also Congress)
    widgeonA coil, company, trip, flight, bunch, knob of widgeon
    widgeonA raft of widgeon (wild duck)
    widowsAn ambush of widows
    wikipediansA page of wikipedians
    wildcatsA destruction, dout of wild cats
    wildebeestA herd of wildebeest
    wildfowlA know (less than 30) of wildfowl
    wildfowlA plump, bunch, trip, knob, lute, scry, skein, sord of wildfowl
    willowsA bend of willows
    windmillsA tilt of windmills
    wine tastersA bouquet of wine tasters
    wing-commandersA flush of wing commanders (aka "WCs".)
    winnersA shout of winners
    winningsA purse of winnings
    winter fishermenA chill of winter fishermen
    witchesA coven of witches
    witchesAn incantation of witches
    wivesAn impatience of wives
    wolvesA herd of wolves
    wolvesA pack of wolves
    wolvesA rout(e) of wolves
    wombatsA warren, mob of wombats
    womenA gaggle of women
    women, leeringA clutch of leering women
    woodcocksA fall, covey, plump, flight of woodcocks
    woodpeckersA descent, descension of woodpeckers
    woodpeckersA gatling of woodpeckers
    woodwindsA cord of woodwinds
    wordsA babel of words
    wormsA clew of worms
    wormsA wriggle of worms
    worshipersA congregation of worshipers
    wrensA herd, flock of wrens
    wrestlersA clutch, crunch of wrestlers
    writersA worship of writers
    yaksA herd of yaks
    yeomenA fellowship of yeomen
    yes menA concert of yes men
    yesterdaysA flight of yesterdays
    yesterdaysA yearning of yesterdays
    yolksA burden of yolks
    young oystersA set of young oysters
    youthsAn optimism of youths
    zebraA herd, cohort, stripe of zebra
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