Common collective nouns - T
    tigers Ambush / Streak
    thieves Den / Skulk / Gang / Band
    trees Thicket / Stand / Grove / Forest / Orchard / Clump / Stillness / Copse / Coupe
    teachers faculty | staff
    tools kit | set
    trucks Convoy | fleet
    tourists Flock
    turtles Bale | dule | nest | turn
    things Bunch / Cluster
    tests Battery | series
    turkeys Raffle / Rafter / Flock / Gang / Posse / Brood / Dole /Dule / Death-row
    All collective nouns - T
    Subject Collective Noun with usage
    tailorsA disguising of tailors
    tailorsA proud showing of tailors
    tanksA clank of tanks
    tanksA clatter of tanks
    tapirsA candle of tapirs
    tapstersA promise of tapsters
    TARDISesA manor of TARDISes
    tartsA jam of tarts
    tasksAn agenda of tasks
    tavernersA cajolery of taverners
    tavernersA glazing (= fawning) of taverners
    taxisA charge of taxis
    teachersA quiz of teachers
    tealA diving of teal
    tealA spring, string, raft, knob, bunch, coil of teal
    teddy bearsA hug of teddy bears
    teenagersA grunt of teenagers
    teenagersAn attitude of teenagers
    tennis gamesA set of tennis games
    termitesA colony, swarm of termites
    terriersA terror of terriers
    testiclesA clutch of testicles
    testsA battery of tests
    TexansA mob of Texans
    theoretical physicistsA field of theoretical physicists
    thievesA den, skulk of thieves
    thingsA bunch, cluster of things
    threshersA thrave of threshers
    thrushesA mutation of thrushes
    tigersA hide of tigers
    tigersA streak of tigers
    tigersAn ambush of tigers
    tinkersA wandering of tinkers
    toadiesA pander of toadies
    toadsA knot of toads (derivation: appearance.)
    toadsA lump, nest, knob of toads
    todaysA twinkling of todays
    tomorrowsA promise of tomorrows
    tonguesA convention of tongues
    tonguesA jagger of tongues
    tortoisesA creep of tortoises
    toucansA durante of toucans
    touristsA flock, glaze of tourists
    toysAn assembly of toys
    trainers, personalA torment of trainers
    trainsA postponement, cancellation of trains
    tranquilizersAn equanimity of tranquilizers
    transvestitesA camp, travesty of transvestites
    trashA heap of trash
    tree surgeonsA graft of tree surgeons
    treesA clump, forest, coupe of trees
    treesA grove of trees
    treesA stand of trees
    treesA thicket of trees
    treesA stillness of trees
    trickstersA tangle of tricksters
    troopsA parel of troops
    troublesA shitload of troubles
    troutA hover, shoal of trout
    trucksA convoy of trucks
    trumpetsA flourish of trumpets
    trusteesA board of trustees
    truthsA pithy of truths
    tubasA tumult of tubas
    tunaA float, troup of tuna
    turdsA steam of turds
    turkeysA brood of turkeys (immature)
    turkeysA death-row of turkeys
    turkeysA flock, dole, dule, gang, posse of turkeys
    turkeysA raffle of turkeys
    turkeysA rafter, raft of turkeys
    turtledovesA pitying, dule, peerage of turtledoves
    turtlesA bale of turtles
    turtlesA dule of turtles
    turtlesA turn of turtles
    twitchesAn embarrassment of twitches
    two-up playersA stoop of two-up players
    Collective nouns list

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