Common collective nouns - R
    ravens Unkindness / Tower / Constable / Conspiracy / Aerie
    rabbits Colony / Nest / Down / Warren / Trip / Bury / Leash / Trace / Wrack / Drove / Flick / Kindle
    rooms suite | tenement
    robbers Band
    race horses tring / Field / Meet
    rats Pack / Colony / Swarm / Horde / Rabble / Mischief / Plague
    rags bundle | pile | heap
    roses bouquet | bunch | bed | stalk
    runners field
    rubbish pile | heap
    rioters Melee
    ruins heap
    robins Worm
    robots Cog
    All collective nouns - R
    Subject Collective Noun with usage
    rabbitsA bury, berry, colony, drove, herd, leash, nest, trace, trip, warren, wrack of rabbits
    raccoonsA mask, gaze, nursery of raccoons
    racehorsesA field, meet, string of racehorses
    radio announcersA herd of radio announcers
    radiologistsA series of radiologists
    railroad schedulesA tragedy of railroad schedules
    rainbow fishA party of rainbow fish
    ratsA colony, mischief of rats
    ratsA pack of rats
    ratsA rabble of rats
    ratsA swarm, horde, plegue of rats
    rattle snakesA rhumba of rattle snakes
    ravensA conspiracy, storytelling, tower, aerie, parliament of ravens
    ravensA constable of ravens
    ravensAn unkindness of ravens
    raversA scatter of ravers
    realtorsA lot of realtors
    reasonsA rainbow of reasons
    rebuttalsA quiver of rebuttals
    redwingA crowd of redwing
    reedsA clump of reeds
    refugeesA flight of refugees
    relativesA descent of relatives
    relativesA gossip of relatives
    rentersA knot of renters
    repairmenAn overcharge of repairmen
    reportersA scoop of reporters
    reviewersA pan of reviewers
    rhinocerosesA crash, herd, stubbornness of rhinoceroses
    ribsA rack of ribs
    richesAn embarrassment of riches
    riotersA melee of rioters
    roachA shoal of roach
    road ragersA stack of road ragers
    robbersA band of robbers
    robinsA worm of robins
    roe deerA bevy of roe deer
    roebucksA bevy of roebucks
    roesA bevy of roes
    rooksA building, congregation, shoal, wing of rooks
    rooksA clamour, storytelling of rooks
    rooksA parliament of rooks
    ruffsA hill of ruffs
    Collective nouns list

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