All collective nouns - O
    Subject Collective Noun with usage
    oarsmenA row of oarsmen
    objectivistsA Rand of Objectivists
    objectsA collection of objects
    office boysAn ogle of office boys
    officersA mess, execution of officers
    old guardA slumber of old guard
    onlookersA crowd of onlookers
    on-lookersA fascination of on-lookers
    optometristsA vision of optometrists
    orangutansA buffoonery of orangutans
    orchidsA coterie of orchids
    orgiastsA concatenation of orgiasts
    orphansAn abandonment of orphans
    orthodontistsA brace of orthodontists
    orthopaedistsA cast, brace of orthopaedists
    osteopathsA joint of osteopaths
    ostrichesA wobble, pride, flock of ostriches
    otologistsA herd of otologists (a physician who specializes in the study of the anatomy and diseases of the ear)
    ottersA romp, family, raft, bevy, ramp of otters
    over achieversA leap of over achievers
    ovoidsA metamorphosis of ovoids
    owlsA parliament of owls
    owlsA stare of owls
    owlsA wisdom, sagaciousness of owls
    oxbirdsA fling of oxbirds
    oxenA span, meinie of oxen
    oxenA team, drove, herd of oxen
    oxenA yoke (2) of oxen
    oystersA bed, hive of oysters
    oysters, youngA set of young oysters
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