All collective nouns - N
    Subject Collective Noun with usage
    narcissistsA mug of narcissists
    narcissistsA reflection of narcissists
    nativesA tribe of natives
    NazisA jungle of Nazis
    neighboursAn annoyance, nerve of neighbours
    newsboysA scream of newsboys
    newscastersA veneer of newscasters
    niccolosA nonsense of niccolos
    niecesA squeal of nieces
    night studentsA pallor of night students
    nightingalesA watch, match, pray, kettle of nightingales
    nightwatchmenA pallor of nightwatchmen
    NorthernersA freeze of Northerners
    nounsA collective of nouns
    nounsA propriety of nouns
    nunsA murmur of nuns (as of their sound)
    nunsA prey, flap, convent of nuns
    nunsA superfluity of nuns
    nymphomaniacsA spread of nymphomaniacs
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