All collective nouns - K
    Subject Collective Noun with usage
    kangarooA flock, troop of kangaroo
    kangaroosA court of kangaroos (see note)
    kangaroosA mob of kangaroos
    kangaroosA troop of kangaroos
    keglersA bowl of keglers
    kestrelsA flight, soar of kestrels
    keysA ring of keys (linked physically)
    kidsA caper of kids
    kingfishersA concentration, realm, rattle, clique of kingfishers
    kites (birds)A kettle, soar, roost of kites
    kittensA kindle of kittens
    kittens (cats)A litter of kittens (cats)
    kittens (rabbits)A wrack of kittens (rabbits)
    kleptomaniacsA clutch of kleptomaniacs
    knavesA riff raff of knaves
    knightsA banner of knights
    knightsA rout(e) of knights
    knotsA medusa, cluster of knots
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