All collective nouns - I
    Subject Collective Noun with usage
    ibexA herd of ibex
    ibisesA colony of ibises
    icebergsA crush of icebergs
    icebergsA drift of icebergs
    ichthyologistsA scale of ichthyologists
    iconsA shield of icons
    idiotsA thicket of idiots
    iguanasA mess of iguanas
    impalasA couple of impalas
    impedimentsA vagary of impediments
    impressionistsA blur of impressionists
    infantryA crèche of infantry
    informationA wealth of information
    ingénuesA spate of ingénues
    in-lawsAn imposition of in-laws
    insectsA flight, cloud of insects
    insectsA swarm, plague, horde, rabble of insects
    instruments, musicalA parley of musical instruments
    intellectsA pretension of intellects
    interpretersA tongue lashing of interpreters
    IrishmenA pint of Irishmen
    islandsA chain of islands
    islandsAn archipelago of islands
    ItaliansAn explosion of Italians
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    Purple is the general name for the range of colors between blue and red. Purple represents royalty and nobility. Many people use words purple and violet for the same color. Purple shades generally have higher degree of red than blue while violet hues have more blue than red in the mix. Purple was the color worn by Roman magistrates; it became the imperial color worn by the rulers of the Byzantine Empire and the Holy Roman Empire, and later by Roman Catholic bishops. Similarly in Japan, the color is traditionally associated with the Emperor and aristocracy.