Common collective nouns - D
    ducks Flock / Raft / Skein / Team / Waddling / Dropping / Flight / Flush / Paddling / Plump / String / Sord
    doctors Dose / Doctrine
    dancers Troupe / Gambol / Flight / Float / Swing
    drawers chest
    dust cloud | layer | pile
    directors Board / Guild / Drove
    diamonds Cluster / Celebration
    doves Cote / Dule / Bevy / Flight / Piteousness / Pitying / Prettying
    dinosaurs Herd / Pack
    dolphins Pod / School / Herd
    dogs Pack / Kennel
    dirty clothes bundle
    deer Herd / Bevy / Bunch / Mob / Parcel / Rangale
    dragons Dignity / Flight / Doom / Blaze / Wing
    dried plants herbarium
    All collective nouns - D
    Subject Collective Noun with usage
    dachshundsA moxie of doxies
    dancers, maleA flight of dancers
    dancers, femaleA float of dancers
    dancersA gambol, or troupe of dancers
    daubersA squat of daubers
    deansA decanter, or decorum of deans
    debtorsA split of debtors
    debutantsA delirium of debutants
    decoratorsA tantrum of decorators
    deer, roeA bevy of roe deer
    deer, two/threeA brace (2), or leash (3) of deer
    deerA bunch, herd, parcel, mob, or rangale of deer
    dentistsAn amalgam, brace, or wince of dentists
    dermatologistsA rash of dermatologists
    designersA set, or subtlety of designers
    diagnosticiansA guess of diagnosticians
    diceA luck of dice
    dictatorsA tyranny of dictators
    dictionariesA meaning of dictionaries
    dietersA pot of dieters
    dilationA dilation of pupils
    dinosaursA herd, or pack of dinosaurs
    directionsA vane of directions
    directorsA gild, drove, or board of directors
    barstaffA disappearance of barstaff
    divorceesA desperation of divorcees
    DIYersA bodge of DIYers
    doctorsA doctrine, or dose of doctors
    documentsA wealth, or dossier of documents
    dodosAn extinction of dodos
    dogfishA troop of dogfish
    dogs, two/threeA brace (2), or leash (3) of dogs
    dogsA kennel, or pack of dogs
    dollarsA fistful of dollars
    dolphinsA herd, flock, pod, school, or team of dolphins
    dominoesA falling of dominoes
    donkeysA herd, drove, or pace of donkeys
    donsAn obstruction of dons
    doorkeepersA safeguard of doorkeepers
    dotterelA trip of dotterel
    dovesA bevy, cote, dole, dule, exaltation, flight, piteousness, or prettying of doves
    dowagersA bevy, or frost of dowagers
    dragonet fishA swarm of dragonet fish
    dragonsA doom, flight, weyr, or wing of dragons
    drayA dray of squirrels
    drinksA round of drinks
    drones, literaryA swarm of literary drones
    drongosA bunch of drongos
    drugsA cocktail of drugs
    drummersAn asylum, fagot, or roll of drummers
    drumsA kettle of drums
    drunksA load, or stone of drunks
    ducksA brace, bunch, flush, flock, skein, sord, or string of ducks
    ducks, on groundA badelynge of ducks (on the ground)
    ducks, swimmingA paddling of ducks (while swimming)
    ducks, idle in waterA raft of ducks (while idle in water)
    ducks, flyingA flight, plump, or team of ducks (while flying)
    ducks, divingA dopping of ducks (diving)
    dunbirdsA rush, or flight of dunbirds
    dungA pile of dung
    dunlinA fling of dunlin
    dwarvesA shortage of dwarves
    Collective nouns list

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