An aarmory of aardvarks

A troupe of acrobats

A cast of actors

A wing of aircraft
A wing of fighter aircraft

A rookery of albatrosses
A flight of albatrosses
A weight of albatrosses

A host of angels
A chorus of angels

An army of ants
A colony of ants
A swarm of ants

A shrewdness of apes
A troop of apes

A pie-full of apples

A quiver of arrows

A troupe of artists

A herd of asses
A drove of asses
A pace of asses
A pass of asses
A coffle of asses

A troop of baboons
A congress of baboons
A flange of baboons

A culture of bacteria

 cete  A cete of badgers
 colony  A colony of badgers
 clan  A clan of badgers
 hand  A hand of bananas
 bunch  A bunch of bananas
 cloud  A cloud of bats
 colony  A colony of bats
 sleuth  A sleuth of bears
 sloth  A sloth of bears
 swarm  A swarm of bees
 hive  A hive of bees
 hum  A hum of bees
 flight  A flight of bees
 grist  A grist of bees
 cluster  A cluster of bees
 erst  An erst of bees
 drift  A drift of bees
 game  A game of bees
 bike  A bike of wild bees
 rabble  A rabble of bees
 cast  A cast of wild bees
 stand  A stand of bees
 peal  A peal of bells
 carillon  A carillon of bells
 change  A change of bells
 fighting  A fighting of beggars
 coster  A coster of beggars
 guild  A guild of beggars
 parliament  A parliament of beggars
 flock  A flock of birds
 flight  A flight of birds
 dissimulation  A dissimulation of birds
 fleet  A fleet of birds
 parcel  A parcel of birds
 pod  A pod of birds
 volary  A volary of birds
 bench  A bench of bishops
 sea  A sea of bishops
 psalter  A psalter of bishops
 library  A library of books
 compendium  A compendium of books
 pile  A pile of books
 blush  A blush of boys
 batch  A batch of bread
 herd  A herd of buffaloes
 gang  A gang of buffaloes
 obsinancy  An obsinancy of buffaloes
 fusillade  A fusillade of bullets
 flight  A flight of butterflies
 rabble  A rabble of butterflies
 flutter  A flutter of butterflies
 swarm  A swarm of butterflies
 kaleidoscope  A kaleidoscope of butterflies
 caravan  A caravan of camels
 herd  A herd of camels
 train  A train of camels
 flock  A flock of camels
 canaries  An opera of canaries
 radiance  A radiance of cardinals
 conclave  A conclave of cardinals
 college  A college of cardinals
 pack  A pack of cards
 deck  A deck of cards
 hand  A hand of cards
 fleet  A fleet of cars
 army  An army of caterpillars
 clowder  A clowder of cats
 glaring  A glaring of cats
 cluster  A cluster of cats
 clutter  A clutter of cats
 pounce  A pounce of cats
 destruction  A destruction of wild cats
 drove  A drove of cattle
 herd  A herd of cattle
 kine  A kine of cattle
 team  A team of cattle
 yoke  A yoke of cattle
 fold  A fold of chairs
 coalition  A coalition of cheetahs
 brood  A brood of chickens
 clutch  A clutch of chickens
 peep  A peep of chickens
 cartload  A cartload of chimpanzees
 family  A family of chimpanzees
 whoop  A whoop of chimpanzees
 souffle  A souffle of clouds
 pratfall  A pratfall of clowns
 alley  An alley of clowns
 quiver  A quiver of cobras
 swarm  A swarm of cockroaches
 intrusion  An intrusion of cockroaches
 network  A network of computers
 cluster  A cluster of computers
 shock  A shock of corn
 flink  A flink of cows
 herd  A herd of cows
 kine  A kine of cows
 drove  A drove of cows
 drift  A drift of cows
 concerto  A concerto of crickets
 float  A float of crocodiles
 bask  A bask of crocodiles
 nest  A nest of crocodiles
 congregation  A congregation of crocodiles
 murder  A murder of crows
 troupe  A troupe of dancers
 herd  A herd of deer
 bunch  A bunch of deer
 mob  A mob of deer
 parcel  A parcel of deer
 rangale  A rangale of deer
 bevy  A bevy of roe deer
 board  A board of directors
 pack  A pack of dogs
 kennel  A kennel of dogs
 pod  A pod of dolphins
 school  A school of dolphins
 team  A team of dolphins
 herd  A herd of donkeys
 drove  A drove of donkeys
 pace  A pace of donkeys
 dole  A dole of doves
 bevy  A bevy of doves
 cote  A cote of doves
 dule  A dule of doves
 flight  A flight of doves
 piteousness  A piteousness of doves
 prettying  A prettying of doves
 dropping  A dropping of ducks
 flush  A flush of ducks
 flock  A flock of ducks
 badling  A badling of ducks
 brace  A brace of ducks
 bunch  A bunch of ducks
 paddling  A paddling of ducks
 plump  A plump of ducks
 raft  A raft of ducks
 skein  A skein of ducks
 sord  A sord of ducks
 string  A string of ducks
 team  A team of ducks
 waddling  A waddling of ducks
 convocation  A convocation of eagles
 aerie  An aerie of eagles
 clutch  A clutch of eggs
 herd  A herd of elephants
 parade  A parade of elephants
 memory  A memory of elephants
 mob  A mob of emus
  charm  A charm of finches
 baptism  A baptism of fire
 school  A school of fish
 shoal  A shoal of fish
 catch  A catch of fish
 haul  A haul of fish
 run  A run of fish
 stand  A stand of flamingos
 flamboyance  A flamboyance of flamingos
 flurry  A flurry of flamingos
 regiment  A regiment of flamingos
 bouquet  A bouquet of flowers
 bunch  A bunch of flowers
 patch  A patch of flowers
 bed  A bed of flowers
 skulk  A skulk of foxes
 leash  A leash of foxes
 army  An army of frogs
 knot  A knot of frogs
(group on ground)
 A flock of geese
(group on land)
 A gaggle of geese
(group flying close)
 A plump of geese
(group in flight)
 A skein of geese
(group flying in a 'V' format)
 A wedge of geese
 journey  A journey of giraffes
 tower  A tower of giraffes
 herd  A herd of giraffes
 corps  A corps of giraffes
 totter  A totter of giraffes
 stretch  A stretch of giraffes
 giggle  A giggle of girls
 bevy  A bevy of girls
 implausibility  An implausibility of gnus
 trip  A trip of goats
 tribe  A tribe of goats
 flock  A flock of goats
 herd  A herd of goats
 drove  A drove of goats
 troubling  A troubling of goldfish
 tribe  A tribe of goats
 flock  A flock of goats
 herd  A herd of goats
 drove  A drove of goats
 band  A band of gorillas
 whoop  A whoop of gorillas
 bunch  A bunch of grapes
 cluster  A cluster of grapes
 fistful  A fistful of grasses
 cloud  A cloud of grasshoppers
 tuft  A tuft of hair
 lock  A lock of hair
 strand  A strand of hair
 wig  A wig of hair
 drove  A drove of hares
 down  A down of hares
 husk  A husk of hares
 leash  A leash of hares
 trace  A trace of hares
 trip  A trip of hares
 warren  A warren of hares
 leap  A leap of hares
 flick  A flick of hares
 herd  A herd of hares
 kindle  A kindle of hares
 prickle  A prickle of hedgehogs
 array  An array of hedgehogs
 brood  A brood of hens
 glean  A glean of herrings
 shoal  A shoal of herrings
 army  An army of herrings
 range  A range of hills
 undulation  An undulation of hills
 bloat  A bloat of hippopotamuses
 herd  A herd of hippopotamuses
 crash  A crash of hippopotamuses
 stable  A stable of horses
 herd  A herd of horses
 string  A string of race horses
 drove  A drove of horses
 stud  A stud of horses
 harras  A harras of breeding horses
 remuda  A remuda of horses
 troop  A troop of horses
 pair  A pair of horses
 team  A team of horses
 span  A span of horses
 pack  A pack of hounds
 mute  A mute of hounds
 cry  A cry of hounds
 hunt  A hunt of hounds
 kennel  A kennel of hounds
 sute  A sute of hounds
 meet  A meet of hounds
 stable  A stable of hounds
 leash  A leash of hounds
 huddle  A huddle of houses
 bouquet  A bouquet of hummingbirds
 hover  A hover of hummingbirds
 clan  A clan of hyenas
 cackle  A cackle of hyenas
 mess  A mess of iguanas
 flight  A flight of insects
 plague  A plague of insects
 swarm  A swarm of insects
 horde  A horde of insects
 rabble  A rabble of insects
 chain  A chain of islands
 archipelago  An archipelago of islands
 train  A train of jackdaws
 band  A band of jackdaws
 smack  A smack of jellyfish
 fluther  A fluther of jellyfish
 stuck  A stuck of jellyfish
 smuth  A smuth of jellyfish
 scoop  A scoop of journalists
 slant  A slant of journalists
 bench  A bench of judges
 sentence  A sentence of judges
 damning  A damning of jurors
 mob  A mob of kangaroos
 troop  A troop of kangaroos
 ring  A ring of keys
 caper  A caper of kids
 concentration  A concentration of kingfishers
 realm  A realm of kingfishers
 kindle  A kindle of kittens
 litter  A litter of kittens
 loveliness  A loveliness of ladybirds
 exaltation  An exaltation of larks
 ascension  A ascension of larks
 bevy  A bevy of larks
 happiness  A happiness of larks
 springful  A springful of larks
 eloquence  An eloquence of lawyers
 disputation  A disputation of lawyers
 greed  A greed of lawyers
 huddle  A huddle of lawyers
 quarrel  A quarrel of lawyers
 escheat  An escheat of lawyers
 leap  A leap of leopards
 lepe  A lepe of leopards
 tissue  A tissue of lies
 pride  A pride of lions
 sawt  A sawt of lions
 sowse  A sowse of lions
 sault  A sault of lions
 troop  A troop of lions
 flock  A flock of lions
 lounge  A lounge of lizards
 tiding  A tiding of magpies
 clan  A clan of meerkats
 mischief  A mischief of mice
 nest  A nest of mice
 trip  A trip of mice
 horde  A horde of mice
 click  A click of computer mice
 troop  A troop of monkeys
 tribe  A tribe of monkeys
 barrel  A barrel of monkeys
 machination  A machination of monkeys
 wilderness  A wilderness of monkeys
 cartload  A cartload of monkeys
 mission  A mission of monkeys
 herd  A herd of moose
 swarm  A swarm of mosquitoes
 scourge  A scourge of mosquitoes
 range  A range of mountains
 orchestra  An orchestra of musicians
 band  A band of musicians

 tribe  A tribe of natives
 watch  A watch of nightingales
 superfluity  A superfluity of nuns
 murmur  A murmur of nuns
 prey  A prey of nuns
 flap  A flap of nuns
 convent  A convent of nuns
 family  A family of otters
 raft  A raft of otters
 bevy  A bevy of otters
 romp  A romp of otters
 parliament  A parliament of owls
 wisdom  A wisdom of owls
 stare  A stare of owls
 sagaciousness  A sagaciousness of owls
 stable  A stable of barn owls
 blizzard  A blizzard of snowy owls
 drove  A drove of oxen
 team  A team of oxen
 yoke  A yoke of oxen
 span  A span of oxen
 herd  A herd of oxen
 embarrassment  An embarrassment of pandas
 ream  A ream of paper
 pad  A pad of papers
 company  A company of parrots
 flock  A flock of parrots
 prattle  A prattle of parrots
 psittacosis  A psittacosis of parrots
 pandemonium  A pandemonium of parrots
 muster  A muster of peacocks
 ostentation  An ostentation of peacocks
 pulchritude  A pulchritude of peacocks
 pride  A pride of peacocks
 string  A string of pearls
 rope  A rope of pearls
 colony  A colony of penguins
 rookery  A rookery of penguins
 parcel  A parcel of penguins
 huddle  A huddle of penguins
 creche  A creche of penguins
 formality  A formality of penguins
 parade  A parade of penguins
 waddle  A waddle of penguins
 congregation  A congregation of people
 crowd  A crowd of people
 mob  A mob of people
 dropping  A dropping of pigeons
 flock  A flock of pigeons
 flight  A flight of pigeons
 kit  A kit of pigeons
 loft  A loft of pigeons
 drove  A drove of pigs
 litter  A litter of pigs
 drift  A drift of pigs
 herd  A herd of pigs
 sounder  A sounder of wild pigs
 huddle  A huddle of players
 cry  A cry of players
 retinue  A retinue of players
 anthology  An anthology of poems
 aurora  An aurora of polar bears
 family  A family of porcupines
 circus  A circus of puffins
 grumble  A grumble of pugs
 litter  A litter of puppies
 piddle  A piddle of puppies
 bevy  A bevy of quail
 covey  A covey of quail
 drift  A drift of quail
 hotbed  A hotbed of quilts
 colony  A colony of rabbits
 nest  A nest of rabbits
 bury  A bury of rabbits
 drove  A drove of rabbits
 leash  A leash of rabbits
 warren  A warren of rabbits
 down  A down of rabbits
 trip  A trip of rabbits
 trace  A trace of rabbits
 wrack  A wrack of rabbits
 gaze  A gaze of racoons
 colony  A colony of rats
 pack  A pack of rats
 swarm  A swarm of rats
 horde  A horde of rats
 mischief  A mischief of rats
 plague  A plague of rats
 rabble  A rabble of rats
 unkindness  An unkindness of ravens
 conspiracy  A conspiracy of ravens
 constable  A constable of ravens
 storytelling  A storytelling of ravens
 herd  A herd of reindeer
 crash  A crash of rhinoceroses
 herd  A herd of rhinoceroses
 stubbornness  A stubbornness of rhinoceroses
 worm  A worm of robins
 deck  A deck of sailors
 crew  A crew of sailors
 herd  A herd of seahorses
 colony  A colony of seals
 pod  A pod of seals
 rookery  A rookery of seals
 harem  A harem of seals
 herd  A herd of seals
 spring  A spring of seals
 team  A team of seals
 bob  A bob of seals
 crash  A crash of seals
 school  A school of sharks
 shiver  A shiver of sharks
 shoal  A shoal of sharks
 flock  A flock of sheep
 herd  A herd of sheep
 drove  A drove of sheep
 down  A down of sheep
 fold  A fold of sheep
 hurtle  A hurtle of sheep
 trip  A trip of sheep
 mob  A mob of sheep
 parcel  A parcel of sheep
 drift  A drift of sheep
 fleet  A fleet of ships
 flotilla  A flotilla of ships
 armada  An armada of ships
 choir  A choir of singers
 chorus  A chorus of singers
 harmony  A harmony of singers
 cornucopia  A cornucopia of slugs
 escargatoire  An escargatoire of snails
 rout  A rout of snails
 walk  A walk of snails
 den  A den of snakes
 nest  A nest of snakes
 pit  A pit of snakes
 bed  A bed of snakes
 slither  A slither of snakes
 knot  A knot of snakes
 trogle  A trogle of snakes
 platoon  A platoon of soldiers
 squad  A squad of soldiers
 company  A company of soldiers
 division  A division of soldiers
 brigade  A brigade of soldiers
 army  An army of soldiers
 muster  A muster of soldiers
 boast  A boast of soldiers
 cluster  A cluster of spiders
 clutter  A clutter of spiders
 venom  A venom of spiders
 dray  A dray of squirrels
 scurry  A scurry of squirrels
 galaxy  A galaxy of stars
 constellation  A constellation of stars
 wonder  A wonder of stars
 galaxy  A galaxy of starfish
 faggot  A fagot of sticks
 bundle  A bundle of sticks
 bevy  A bevy of swans
 herd  A herd of swans
 wedge  A wedge of swans
 bank  A bank of swans
 drift  A drift of swans
 ballet  A ballet of swans
 regatta  A regatta of swans
 whiteness  A whiteness of swans
 eyrar  An eyrar of swans
 lamentation  A lamentation of swans
 whiting  A whiting of swans
 sounder  A sounder of swans
 game  A game of swans
 den  A den of thieves
 gang  A gang of thieves
 band  A band of thieves
 skulk  A skulk of thieves
 bunch  A bunch of things
 cluster  A cluster of things
 ambush  An ambush of tigers
 streak  A streak of tigers
 hide  A hide of tigers
 knot  A knot of toads
 lump  A lump of toads
 nest  A nest of toads
 creep  A creep of tortoises
 flock  A flock of tourists
 glaze  A glaze of tourists
 grove  A grove of trees
 forest  A forest of trees
 clump  A clump of trees
 stand  A stand of pine trees
   A stand of oak trees
   A stand of birch trees
 thicket  A thicket of trees
 stillness  A stillness of trees
 convoy  A convoy of trucks
 flock  A flock of turkeys
 posse  A posse of turkeys
 gang  A gang of turkeys
 rafter  A rafter of turkeys
 raffle  A raffle of turkeys
 brood  A brood of turkeys
 dole  A dole of turkeys
 dule  A dule of turkeys
 death-row  A death-row of turkeys
 bale  A bale of turtles
 dule  A dule of turtles
 turn  A turn of turtles
 phalanx  A phalanx of umbrellas
 blessing  A blessing of unicorns
 glory  A glory of unicorns
 marvel  A marvel of unicorns
 nest  A nest of vipers
 generation  A generation of vipers
 colony  A colony of vultures
 wake  A wake of vultures
 nest  A nest of vultures
 looming  A looming of vultures
 meal  A meal of vultures
 vortex  A vortex of vultures
 pod  A pod of whales
 gam  A gam of whales
 herd  A herd of whales
 school  A school of whales
 mob  A mob of whales
 float  A float of whales
 shoal  A shoal of whales
 run  A run of whales
 troup  A troup of whales
 grind  A grind of bottle-nosed whales
 coven  A coven of witches
 incantation  An incantation of witches
 pack  A pack of wolves
 herd  A herd of wolves
 rout  A rout of wolves
 wisdom  A wisdom of wombats
 gaggle  A gaggle of women
 bale  A bale of wool
 skein  A skein of wool
 clew  A clew of worms
 wriggle  A wriggle of worms
 herd  A herd of yaks
 herd  A herd of zebras
 dazzle  A dazzle of zebras
 zeal  A zeal of zebras
 stripe  A stripe of zebras
 cohort  A cohort of zebras