Collective nouns for vultures
    Collective noun for vultures usage
    wakeA wake of vultures
    colonyA colony of vultures
    nestA nest of vultures
    venueA venue of vultures
    vortexA vortex of vultures
    mealA meal of vultures
    loomingA looming of vultures
    Collective Nouns List
    Collective nouns list
    Subject Collective noun
    vacationersA peel of vacationers
    vases, brokenA mingling of broken vases
    vegetariansA sprig of vegetarians
    vellumA cutch of vellum
    vendorsA haggle of vendors
    vicaries (vicars)A prudence of vicaries (vicars)
    violinistsA string of violinists
    vipersA nest, generation of vipers
    volesA colony of voles
    votersA constituency of voters
    votersA desperation of voters
    vulturesA wake, nest, colony, looming, meal, venue, vortex of vultures