Collective nouns for things
    Collective noun for things usage
    bunchA bunch of things
    clusterA cluster of things
    Collective Nouns List
    Collective nouns list
    subject collective noun with usage
    accidentsA pile of accidents
    activitiesA schedule of activities
    aeroplanesA flight of aeroplanes
    aircraftA flight of aircraft
    ambulancesA fleet of ambulances
    ammunitionA cache of ammunition
    apartmentsA block of apartments
    applesA bushel of apples
    apple treesAn orchard of apple trees
    armoured carsA column of armoured cars
    armsA cache of arms
    arrowsA quiver of arrows
    artA museum of art
    artilleryA battery of artillery
    asparagusA bundle of asparagus
    asteroidsA belt of asteroids
    balloonsA festival of balloons
    beadsA string of beads
    beansA hill of beans
    bellsA peal of bells
    billsA wad of bills
    blanketsA swelter of blankets
    blossomsA flourish of blossoms
    boatsA fleet of boats
    bombsA cluster of bombs
    booksA library of books
    bottlesA couple of bottles
    bowlsA set of bowls
    breadA batch of bread
    bulletsA shower of bullets
    busesA fleet of buses
    bushesA hedge of bushes
    candiesA mint of candies
    canyonsA maze of canyons
    cardsA deck of cards
    carsA fleet of cars
    cellphonesA babel of cellphones
    chairsA fold of chairs
    chartered planesA fleet of chartered planes
    circuitsA bank of circuits
    clothesA bundle of clothes
    cloudsA soufflé of clouds
    coachesA fleet of coaches
    coinsA roll of coins
    collective nounsA catch of collective nouns
    commercialsA glut of commercials
    computersA cluster of computers
    condimentsAn accompaniment of condiments
    cornA sheaf of corn
    cottonA bale of cotton
    coughsA chattering of coughs
    credit cardsA quicksand of credit cards
    cymbalsA sign of cymbals
    diamondsA cluster of diamonds
    diceA luck of dice
    dictionariesA meaning of dictionaries
    directionsA vane of directions
    dirty clothesA board of dirty clothes
    documentsA wealth of documents
    dollarsA fistful of dollars
    dominoesA falling of dominoes
    drawersA chest of drawers
    drinksA round of drinks
    drugsA cocktail of drugs
    drumsA kettle of drums
    dungA pile of dung
    dustA pile of dust
    earthquakesA swarm of earthquakes
    eggsA clutch of eggs
    egosA pumphouse of egos
    embarrassmentsA blush of embarrassments
    emotionsA wash of emotions
    errandsA hassle of errands
    estimationsA bout of estimations
    eventsA chain of events
    examsA series of exams
    firewoodA fagot of firewood
    fireworksA exultation of fireworks
    flagsA bunting of flags
    flatsA block of flats
    flowersA bouquet of flowers
    fruitsA basket of fruits
    furnitureA suite of furniture
    garbageA pile of garbage
    gearsA rack of gears
    ghostsA fright of ghosts
    glovesA elicat of gloves
    goldA hoard of gold
    golf ballsA flight of golf balls
    golf cartsA skitter of golf carts
    golf clubsA set of golf clubs
    gossipsA dish of gossips
    grapesA bunch of grapes
    grassesA fistful of grasses
    greeting cardsA bromide of greeting cards
    gunfireA hail of gunfire
    gunsA battery of guns
    gunshipsA hailstorm of gunships
    hairA lock of hair
    hayA truss of hay
    helicoptersA hover of helicopters
    hidesA dicker of hides
    hillsA range of hills
    homeworkA slew of homework
    housesA huddle of houses
    iceA floe of ice
    icebergsA drift of icebergs
    ice creamA bowl of ice cream
    ice cream cartsA chime of ice cream carts
    iconsA shield of icons
    ideasA floodlight of ideas
    informationA wealth of information
    instrumentsA parley of instruments
    islandsA chain of islands
    jamA preserve of jam
    jeweleryA cache of jewelery
    jobsA string of jobs
    juiceA pack of juice
    keysA ring of keys
    knotsA cluster of knots
    leavesAn autumn of leaves
    lettersA budget of letters
    liesA tissue of lies
    linesA pencil of lines
    loavesA batch of loaves
    luggageAn odyssey of luggage
    mapsAn atlas of maps
    matchesA book of matches
    moneyA wad of money
    monitorsA bank of monitors
    mountainsA range of mountains
    museumsA march of museums
    mushroomsA troop of mushrooms
    nationsA league of nations
    nervesA bundle of nerves
    newspapersA stack of newspapers
    notesA wad of notes
    nounsA collective of nouns
    numbersA set of numbers
    objectsA collection of objects
    onionsA rope of onions
    operasA grandiosity of operas
    orangesA pocket of oranges
    orchidsA coterie of orchids
    ovensA range of ovens
    paperA ream of paper
    pearlsA string of pearls
    peasA pod of peas
    photographsAn album of photographs
    picturesA portfolio of pictures
    pistolsA brace of pistols
    planesA stack of planes
    planetsA quincunx of planets
    playing cardsA deck of playing cards
    plumsA basket of plums
    poemsAn anthology of poems
    potholesA whiplash of potholes
    pottageA mess of pottage
    professionsA gamut of professions
    proseAn anthology of prose
    puddlesA splash of puddles
    punsA groan of puns
    questionsA number of questions
    quiltsA hotbed of quilts
    ragsA bundle of rags
    reasonsA rainbow of reasons
    rebuttalsA quiver of rebuttals
    richesAn embarrassment of riches
    robotsA cog of robots
    roomsA suite of rooms
    rosesA bouquet of roses
    saltA lot of salt
    sandA heap of sand
    satellitesAn orbit of satellites
    sermonsA squash of sermons
    shellsA salvo of shells
    shipsA fleet of ships
    shoesA scandal of shoes
    shopping cartsA samba of shopping carts
    silk-screensA pull of silk-screens
    silkA skein of silk
    similesA superfluity of similes
    sirensA wail of sirens
    softwareA crash of software
    stairsA flight of stairs
    stampsAn album of stamps
    starsA galaxy of stars
    stepsA flight of steps
    sticksA fagot of sticks
    strawberriesA punnet of strawberries
    submarinesA pack of submarines
    suitcasesA pack of suitcases
    sundaysA month of sundays
    surprisesA boo of surprises
    tanksA clank of tanks
    tasksAn agenda of tasks
    taxisA charge of taxis
    teddy bearsA hug of teddy bears
    testsA battery of tests
    tomorrowsA promise of tomorrows
    toolsA set of tools
    toysAn assembly of toys
    trainsA postponement of trains
    tranquilizersAn equanimity of tranquilizers
    trashA heap of trash
    treasureA trove of treasure
    troublesA sea of troubles
    trucksA convoy of trucks
    trumpetsA flourish of trumpets
    truthsA pithy of truths
    umbrellasA phalanx of umbrellas
    utensilsA set of utensils
    vansA fleet of vans
    vegetablesA basket of vegetables
    vehiclesA convoy of vehicles
    vesselsA fleet of vessels
    warshipsAn armada of warships
    washing machinesA shudder of washing machines
    weaponsA cache of weapons
    wheatA sheaf of wheat
    willowsA bend of willows
    windmillsA tilt of windmills
    winningsA purse of winnings
    woodA cord of wood
    woodwindsA cord of woodwinds
    woolA bale of wool
    wordsA charm of words
    yachtsA fleet of yachts
    yearsA score of years
    yesterdaysA flight of yesterdays
    yogurtAn assortment of yogurt