Collective nouns for soldiers
    Collective noun for soldiers usage
    armyAn army of soldiers
    platoonA platoon of soldiers
    brigadeA brigade of soldiers
    troopA troop of soldiers
    companyA company of soldiers
    divisionA division of soldiers
    regimentA regiment of soldiers
    battalionA battalion of soldiers
    musterA muster of soldiers
    squadA squad of soldiers
    boastA boast of soldiers
    unitA unit of soldiers
    draftA draft of soldiers
    bandA band of soldiers
    Collective Nouns List
    Collective nouns list
    Subject Collective noun
    sailorsA crew of sailors
    sailorsA deck of sailors
    saintsA calendar of saints
    salesmenA sample of salesmen
    salmonA bind, school, shoal, draught of salmon
    salmonA run, leap of salmon
    saltA lot of salt
    saltinesA salt substrate of saltines
    sandpipersA fling of sandpipers
    sardinesA family of sardines
    satellitesA constellation of satellites
    scholarsA brow of scholars
    schoolboysA rout of schoolboys
    schooliesA chalk of schoolies
    ScotsA disworship, clan of Scots
    ScotsA fifth of Scots
    scoutsA woggle of scouts
    sea fowlA cloud of sea fowl
    seagullsA flock, flotilla, screech, squabble, scavenging of seagulls
    seahorsesA herd of seahorses
    sealsA plum, herd, team of seals
    sealsA pod, bob, colony, crash, harem, plump of seals
    sealsA rockery, rookery of seals
    sealsA spring of seals
    seamstressesA scolding of seamstresses
    second thoughtsA clutch of second thoughts
    seismologistsA quake of seismologists
    senatorsA compromise of senators
    senatorsA house of senators
    senatorsA pomposity of senators
    seniorsAn attitude of seniors
    sergeants at lawA subtlety of sergeants at law
    sermonsA squash of sermons
    servantsAn obeisance of servants
    shadA shoal of shad
    sharksA shiver, school, shoal of sharks
    sheepA flock, mob, herd, drift, drove, fold, wing of sheep
    sheepA trip, hurtle, down, meinie, parcel of sheep
    sheets (paper)A pad of sheets
    sheldrakesA doading, dopping of sheldrakes
    shells (sea)A midden of shells
    shells, artilleryA broadside of (artillery) shells (on water)
    shells, artilleryA salvo of [artillery] shells
    shepherdsA Sodom of shepherds
    sheriffsA posse of sheriffs
    shipsA fleet of ships
    shipsA flotilla of ships
    shipsAn armada of ships
    shoelacesA knot of shoelaces
    shoemakersA blackening of shoemakers
    shoesA scandal, pair of shoes
    shoppersA crush of shoppers
    show dogsA bench of show dogs
    shrimpsA troup of shrimps
    silk screensA pull of silk-screens
    silks (QCs)A purse of silks
    silver foxesA richness of silver foxes
    similesA superfluity of similes
    singersA choir, harmony of singers
    SirensA wail of sirens
    skunksA stench, surfeit of skunks
    slavesA coffle of (chained) slaves
    slugsA cornucopia of slugs
    smeltA quantity of smelt
    smokersA billow, hack of smokers
    snailsA rout, escargatoire, walk of snails
    snakesA bed, knot, trogle of snakes
    snakesA den of snakes
    snakesA nest of snakes
    snakesA pit of snakes
    snakesA slither of snakes
    snipeA walk of snipe (at rest)
    snipeA wisp, leash, volley, whisper of snipe
    softwareA crash of software
    soldiersA boast of soldiers
    soldiersA company of soldiers
    soldiersA division of soldiers
    soldiersA muster of soldiers
    soldiersA platoon, troop of soldiers
    soldiersA squad of soldiers
    soldiersAn army, brigade of soldiers
    sophomoresA platitude of sophomores
    sopranosA sweetness of sopranos
    source codeA bottle of source code
    sparrowsA host, tribe of sparrows
    sparrowsA meinie of sparrows
    sparrowsA quarrel of sparrows
    sparrowsA ubiquity of sparrows
    spatulasA beautification of spatulas
    speed camerasA tyranny of speed cameras
    sphinctersA clench of sphincters
    spidersA cluster of spiders
    spidersA clutter of spiders
    spiesA treachery of spies
    sponsorsA splurge of sponsors
    squirrelsA dray of squirrels (a nest)
    squirrelsA scurry, colony of squirrels
    stage handsA brace of stage hands
    stage mothersA pride of stage mothers
    stairsA flight of stairs
    stalkersA following of stalkers
    starletsA cupful of starlets
    starletsA galaxy of starlets
    starletsA wiggle of starlets
    starlingsA clutter, chattering, constellation, filth, flight, vulgarity, cloud, congregation of starlings
    starlingsA murmuration of starlings
    starsA constellation of stars
    starsA galaxy of stars
    starsA wonder of stars
    statesmenA disagreement of statesmen
    statisticiansA number of statisticians
    sticklebacksA shoal, spread of sticklebacks
    sticksA fagot of sticks
    stoatsA pack, trip of stoats
    stockbrokersA portfolio of stockbrokers
    storksA muster of storks
    storksA mustering of storks
    storksA phalanx of storks
    storksA silence, swoop, flight of storks
    straphangersA puree of straphangers
    strumpetsA fanfare of strumpets
    studentsA class of students
    studentsA failing of students
    studentsA flunk of students
    sub-atomic particlesA minuscule of sub-atomic particles
    submarinesA pack of submarines
    submarinesA wolfpack of submarines
    suburbanitesA transplant of suburbanites
    suitcasesA pack of suitcases
    suitorsA bleach of suitors (another name for cobblers)
    suitorsA swarm of suitors
    summonersAn untruth of summoners
    surfersA wave of surfers
    surfersA whale of surfers
    surgeonsAn incision of surgeons
    surprisesA boo of surprises
    surveyorsA chain of surveyors
    suspectsA fidget of suspects
    swallowsA flight of swallows
    swallowsA gulp, kettle, swoop, richness of swallows
    swansA ballet, team, whiting, squadron of swans
    swansA bank, herd, sounder, drift, lamentation of swans
    swansA game, herd, bevy of swans
    swansA regatta of swans (on water)
    swansA whiteness of swans
    swansAn eyrar of swans
    swans, flyingA wedge of swans (flying in a "V")
    swedishA bork of swedish
    swiftsA flock, drift of swifts
    swimmersA raft of swimmers
    swimmers, long distanceA league of long distance swimmers
    swineA drift of swine (wild)
    swineA drove of swine
    swineA herd of swine
    swineA sounder of swine (tame)
    swineA trip of swine (tame)
    swingersA bed of swingers
    SwissA watch of Swiss
    swordfishA flotilla of swordfish
    sycophantsA gush of sycophants
    sycophantsA swarm of sycophants