Collective nouns for people
    Collective noun for people usage
    crowdA crowd of people
    mobA mob of people
    congregationA congregation of people
    community A community of people
    groupA group of people
    Collective Nouns List
    Collective nouns list
    subject collective noun with usage
    academicsA faculty of academics
    accountantsA balance of accountants
    acrobatsA troupe of acrobats
    actorsA cast of actors
    actressesAn entrance of actresses
    actuariesA table of actuaries
    administratorsA network of administrators
    admiralsA bridge of admirals
    adolescentsAn acne of adolescents
    advocatesAn argument of advocates
    ambassadorsA delegation of ambassadors
    anatomistsA corps of anatomists
    anglersA catch of anglers
    archersA company of archers
    architectsA rendering of architects
    artistesA troupe of artistes
    astrologersA knot of astrologers
    astronautsA trajectory of astronauts
    astronomersA galaxy of astronomers
    athletesA team of athletes
    attendantsAn entourage of attendants
    attorneysA greed of attorneys
    auctioneersA hammer of auctioneers
    auntsA suffocation of aunts
    AussiesAn outback of Aussies
    authorsAn advance of authors
    bachelorsA score of bachelors
    bakersAn aroma of bakers
    bankersA wunch of bankers
    baptistsAn immersion of baptists
    barbersA babble of barbers
    baronsA thought of barons
    bartendersA promise of bartenders
    beautiesA bevy of beauties
    beautiful ladiesA bevy of beautiful ladies
    beggarsA fighting of beggars
    bishopsA bench of bishops
    bookkeepersA audit of bookkeepers
    boxersA ring of boxers
    boysA blush of boys
    bratsA passel of brats
    bridegroomsA thrall of bridegrooms
    bridesA thrill of brides
    bureaucratsA shuffle of bureaucrats
    busboysA spill of busboys
    butchersA goring of butchers
    butlersA draught of butlers
    candidatesA slate of candidates
    capitalistsA syndicate of capitalists
    cardinalsA conclave of cardinals
    carpentersA pound of carpenters
    CatholicsA mass of Catholics
    cellistsA parenthesis of cellists
    censorsAn omitting of censors
    cheerleadersA frenzy of cheerleaders
    chefsA soup├žon of chefs
    chemistsA colloid of chemists
    childrenAn ingratitude of children
    churchgoersA congregation of churchgoers
    clerksA school of clerks
    clownsA pratfall of clowns
    cobblersA cutting of cobblers
    comediansA gaggle of comedians
    commutersA dash of commuters
    computer operatorsA byte of computer operators
    computer programmersA megabyte of computer programmers
    composersA chorus of composers
    con artistsA scam of con artists
    concubinesA harem of concubines
    construction workersA piling of construction workers
    contestantsA frenzy of contestants
    convictsA gang of convicts
    cooksA hastiness of cooks
    coughsA chattering of coughs
    courtesansA harem of courtesans
    courtiersA threatening of courtiers
    cousinsA countryside of cousins
    cowboysA saunter of cowboys
    creditorsA curse of creditors
    cricketersAn eleven of cricketers
    criticsA pan of critics
    cuckoldsAn incredibility of cuckolds
    cynicsA bark of cynics
    dancersA troupe of dancers
    deansA decorum of deans
    debtorsA split of debtors
    debutantesA diffidence of debutantes
    decoratorsA tantrum of decorators
    dentistsA amalgam of dentists
    dermatologistsA rash of dermatologists
    designersA subtlety of designers
    dictatorsA tyranny of dictators
    dietersA pot of dieters
    dieticiansA tray of dieticians
    diplomatsA branle of diplomats
    directorsA board of directors
    divorceesA desperation of divorcees
    doctorsA doctrine of doctors
    dowagersA bevy of dowagers
    drummersA roll of drummers
    drunksA load of drunks
    duncesA confederacy of dunces
    dwarvesA shortage of dwarves
    economistsA deficit of economists
    editorsAn erudition of editors
    electorsA college of electors
    electriciansA grid of electricians
    employeesA staff of employees
    engineersA design of engineers
    EnglishmenA pound of Englishmen
    epidemiologistsA host of epidemiologists
    equestriansA prance of equestrians
    executivesA board of executives
    expertsA panel of experts
    exterminatorsA slew of exterminators
    farmersA plain of farmers
    fathersA distraction of fathers
    fencersA poke of fencers
    firefightersA pluck of firefighters
    fishermenA drift of fishermen
    floristsA bouquet of florists
    foolsA company of fools
    footballersA team of footballers
    forestersA stalk of foresters
    FrenchmenA peck of Frenchmen
    freshmenA plenitude of freshmen
    friarsA skulk of friars
    friendsA circle of friends
    gamblersA roll of gamblers
    gangstersA mob of gangsters
    gardenersA sprinkling of gardeners
    gastroenterologistsA movement of gastroenterologists
    gaysA village of gays
    genealogistsA tree of genealogists
    generalsA glitter of generals
    geneticistsA helix of geneticists
    geologistsA conglomerate of geologists
    girlsA giggle of girls
    golfersA lie of golfers
    gourmandsA delicatessen of gourmands
    gourmetsA delicatessen of gourmets
    governessesA galaxy of governesses
    graduate studentsA fortitude of graduate students
    graduatesAn unemployment of graduates
    grammariansA conjunction of grammarians
    grandparentsA wisdom of grandparents
    guitaristsA fret of guitarists
    gurusA profit of gurus
    gymnastsA tumbler of gymnasts
    gynaecologistsA handful of gynaecologists
    gypsiesA store of gypsies
    hackersA cruft of hackers
    hairdressersA pouf of hairdressers
    harpistsA melody of harpists
    homosexualsAn ensemble of homosexuals
    hostlersA laughter of hostlers
    housekeepersA foresight of housekeepers
    huntersA blast of hunters
    husbandsA multiplying of husbands
    idiotsA thicket of idiots
    impressionistsA blur of impressionists
    in-lawsAn imposition of in-laws
    IrishmenA pint of Irishmen
    ItaliansAn explosion of Italians
    jewellersA ring of jewellers
    jockeysA race of jockeys
    joggersA wheeze of joggers
    journalistsA scoop of journalists
    judgesA bench of judges
    jugglersA neverthriving of jugglers
    juniorsA gratitude of juniors
    jurorsA damning of jurors
    kidsA caper of kids
    kingsA line of kings
    knightsA banner of knights
    laborersA gang of laborers
    ladiesA bevy of ladies
    landlordsA laches of landlords
    lawyersA huddle of lawyers
    lecturersA drift of lecturers
    lepersA colony of lepers
    lesbiansA tough of lesbians
    liarsA glorifying of liars
    librariansA catalogue of librarians
    listenersAn audience of listeners
    lobbyistsA buttonhole of lobbyists
    localsA plague of locals
    locksmithsA sesame of locksmiths
    loversA trance of lovers
    lyricistsA bridge of lyricists
    magiciansAn illusion of magicians
    magistratesA bench of magistrates
    managersAn asylum of managers
    marinesA muscle of marines
    mathematiciansA number of mathematicians
    mechanicsA clutch of mechanics
    membersA council of members
    menA band of men
    merchantsA faith of merchants
    meteorologistsA shower of meteorologists
    midwivesAn expectation of midwives
    millionairesA wealth of millionaires
    ministersAn assembly of ministers
    misersA horde of misers
    modelsA slouch of models
    monksAn abominable sight of monks
    morticiansA slab of morticians
    mothersA consternation of mothers
    mothers-in-lawA mutter of mothers-in-law
    motorcyclistsA clutch of motorcyclists
    mountaineersAn uprising of mountaineers
    mournersA cortege of mourners
    musiciansA band of musicians
    nativesA tribe of natives
    neighboursAn annoyance of neighbours
    niecesA squeal of nieces
    night watchmenA pallor of night watchmen
    northernersA freeze of northerners
    nunsA superfluity of nuns
    nursesA dearth of nurses
    officersA mess of officers
    onlookersA crowd of onlookers
    ophthalmologistsA retinue of ophthalmologists
    optometristsA vision of optometrists
    oratorsA podium of orators
    orphansAn abandonment of orphans
    orthodontistsA brace of orthodontists
    orthopaedistsA cast of orthopaedists
    osteopathsA joint of osteopaths
    paintersAn illusion of painters
    paparazziA flash of paparazzi
    parentsA persistence of parents
    pathologistsA body of pathologists
    patientsA virtue of patients
    peasantsA toil of peasants
    peddlersA malapertness of peddlers
    pediatriciansA shot of pediatricians
    performersA troupe of performers
    pharmacistsA tincture of pharmacists
    philatelistsA stampede of philatelists
    philosophersA ponder of philosophers
    photographersA snap of photographers
    physiciansA college of physicians
    physicistsA nucleus of physicists
    pianistsA pound of pianists
    pilotsA yoke of pilots
    piratesA band of pirates
    playersA team of players
    playwrightsA plot of playwrights
    plumbersA flush of plumbers
    poetsA iamb of poets
    poker playersA stud of poker players
    policeA posse of police
    politiciansAn equivocation of politicians
    portersA grip of porters
    portfolio managersA stock of portfolio managers
    postal workersA parcel of postal workers (posties)
    pottersA wheel of potters
    preachersA converting of preachers
    priestsA mass of priests
    prima donnasA spite of prima donnas
    princesA state of princes
    princessesA royalty of princesses
    principalsA lack of principals
    prisonersA pity of prisoners
    producersA panic of producers
    professorsA tenure of professors
    programmersAn archive of programmers
    proofreadersA squint of proofreaders
    psychoanalystsA complex of psychoanalysts
    psychologistsA complex of psychologists
    prostitutesA stable of prostitutes
    public speakersA twaddle of public speakers
    pyromaniacsA blaze of pyromaniacs
    QuakersA meeting of Quakers
    quarterbacksA sack of quarterbacks
    radiologistsA series of radiologists
    realtorsA lot of realtors
    refugeesA flight of refugees
    relativesA descent of relatives
    repairmenAn overcharge of repairmen
    reportersA scoop of reporters
    reviewersA pan of reviewers
    riotersA melee of rioters
    robbersA band of robbers
    runnersA field of runners
    sailorsA crew of sailors
    saintsA calendar of saints
    salesmenA sample of salesmen
    savagesA horde of savages
    scholarsA brow of scholars
    schoolboysA rout of schoolboys
    ScotsA clan of Scots
    seamstressesA scolding of seamstresses
    seismologistsA quake of seismologists
    senatorsA house of senators
    seniorsAn attitude of seniors
    sergeantsA subtlety of sergeants
    servantsAn obeisance of servants
    shepherdsA Sodom of shepherds
    sheriffsA posse of sheriffs
    shoemakersA blackening of shoemakers
    shoppersA crush of shoppers
    singersA choir of singers
    slavesA coffle of slaves
    smokersA billow of smokers
    soldiersAn army of soldiers
    sophomoresA platitude of sophomores
    sopranosA sweetness of sopranos
    spiesA duplicity of spies
    sponsorsA splurge of sponsors
    stalkersA following of stalkers
    statisticiansA number of statisticians
    stewardsA credence of stewards
    stockbrokersA portfolio of stockbrokers
    studentsA class of students
    suitorsA swarm of suitors
    summonersA untruth of summoners
    surfersA wave of surfers
    surgeonsAn incision of surgeons
    surveyorsA chain of surveyors
    suspectsA fidget of suspects
    swimmersA raft of swimmers
    swindlersA scheme of swindlers
    swingersAn orgy of swingers
    SwissA watch of Swiss
    sycophantsA gush of sycophants
    tailorsA disguising of tailors
    teachersA staff of teachers
    teenagersAn attitude of teenagers
    TexansA mob of Texans
    thievesA gang of thieves
    touristsA flock of tourists
    trainersA torment of trainers
    transvestitesA travesty of transvestites
    troopsA parel of troops
    trusteesA board of trustees
    tuba playersA tumult of tuba players
    umpiresA panel of umpires
    undertakersAn unction of undertakers
    used car salesmenA great deal of used car salesmen
    ushersA seat of ushers
    vacationersA peel of vacationers
    vegetariansA sprig of vegetarians
    vendorsA haggle of vendors
    vicarsA prudence of vicars
    violinistsA string of violinists
    votersA constituency of voters
    waitersA absence of waiters
    walkersAn amble of walkers
    weaversA shuttle of weavers
    widowsAn ambush of widows
    wine tastersA bouquet of wine tasters
    wing commandersA flush of wing commanders
    winnersA shout of winners
    witchesA coven of witches
    wivesAn impatience of wives
    wizardsA congeries of wizards
    womenA gaggle of women
    workersA team of workers
    worshipersA congregation of worshipers
    wrestlersA clutch of wrestlers
    writersA worship of writers
    yeomenA fellowship of yeomen
    youthsAn optimism of youths