Collective nouns for pearls
    Collective noun for pearls usage
    stringA string of pearls
    ropeA rope of pearls
    Collective Nouns List
    Collective nouns list
    Subject Collective noun
    PacificansA troop of Pacificans
    padresA host of padres
    paintersAn illusion, madder, curse, misbelieving of painters
    paisleysA swirl of paisleys
    palindromeA tenet of palindromes
    palm readersA handful of palm readers
    paparazziA flash of paparazzi
    paperA pad of (sheets of) paper
    paperA ream of paper (see note)
    paratroopsA storm of paratroops
    pardonersA lying of pardoners
    parentsA persistence of parents
    parentsAn embarrassment of parents(for use by teenagers)
    parishionersA kneeling of parishioners
    parking attendantsA lot of parking attendants
    parrotsA company, flock of parrots
    parrotsA pandemonium of parrots
    parrotsA prattle, psittacosis of parrots
    parrsA glut of parrs
    particularsA bill of particulars
    partridgesA covey, bevy, cover, brace of partridges
    partridgesA warren, clutch of partridges
    pathologistsA body of pathologists
    patientsA virtue of patients
    patrickA bungle of patricks
    peacocksA muster of peacocks
    peacocksA pride, pulchritude of peacocks
    peacocksAn ostentation of peacocks
    pearlsA rope, string of pearls
    peasA pod of peas
    pedantsA parliament of pedants
    peddlersA malapertness (= impertinence) of peddlers
    pekineseA pomp of pekinese
    pelicansA brief, rookery, scoop, colony, raft, squadron, [[pod
    penguinsA colony, rookery of penguins
    penguinsA crèche of penguins
    penguinsA formality of penguins
    penguinsA huddle of penguins
    penguinsA parade, [[waddle (on dry land),
    penguinsA parcel of penguins
    penguinsA rookery of penguins
    PentecostalsA glossolalia of Pentecostals
    peopleA congregation, crowd of people
    perchA pack of perch
    percussionistA meter of percussionists
    peregrinesA cadge of peregrines
    performersA [[troup(e)of performers
    phantomsA phantasmagoria of phantoms
    pharmacistsA mixture of pharmacists
    pheasantsA bouquet of pheasants (when flushed)
    pheasantsA covey of pheasants (while on the ground)
    pheasantsA covey, nest of pheasants
    pheasantsA head, warren of pheasants
    pheasantsA nye, nide of pheasants (while on the ground)
    philatelistsA stampede of philatelists
    philosophersA ponder, confusion of philosophers
    philosophersA wrangle of philosophers
    photographersA clique of photographers
    photographersA snap of photographers
    photonsAn enlightenment of photons
    physiciansA college of physicians
    physicistsA nucleus of physicists
    pianistsA pound of pianists
    pigeonsA dropping of pigeons
    pigeonsA kit, flight of pigeons (flying together)
    pigeonsA loft, flock of pigeons
    pigletsA farrow,passel of piglets
    pigletsA litter, farrow of piglets
    pigsA drove of pigs
    pigsA fleet of pigs
    pigsA herd of pigs
    pigsA litter of pigs
    pigsA sounder of pigs
    pilchardsA shoal, school of pilchards
    pill-poppersA gaggle of pill poppers
    pilotsA yoke of pilots
    pintailA knob of pintail
    pipersA poverty of pipers
    pipersA skirl of pipers
    pistolsA brace of pistols
    planesA stack of planes
    planetsA quincunx of planets
    planktonA cloud of plankton
    plansA breakdown of plans
    playersA cry of players
    playersA huddle, retinue of players
    playingcardsA pack, deck of playingcards
    playwrightsA plot of playwrights
    pleasureA glut of pleasure
    pleasuresA guilt of pleasures
    ploversA congregation of plovers
    ploversA stand, band, leash of plovers
    ploversA wing, flight of plovers
    plumbersA flood of plumbers
    plumbersA flush of plumbers
    pochardA rush, flight, knob (small number) of pochard
    poemsAn anthology of poems
    poetsA rhyme of poets
    poetsAn iamb of poets
    poetsAn obscurity of poets
    poker playersA stud of poker players
    polar bearsAn aurora, pack of polar bears
    polecatsA chine of polecats
    politiciansA lie of politicians
    politiciansAn equivocation of politicians
    politiciansAn odium of politicians
    politiciansAn windsock or windbag of politicians
    poniesA string of ponies
    poodlesA salon of Poodles
    porcupine fishA cluster of porcupine fish
    porcupinesA prickle of porcupines
    porpoisesA herd, pod, school, gam of porpoises
    porpoisesA turmoil of porpoises
    portersA grip of porters
    portersA safeguard of porters
    portfolio managersA stock of portfolio managers
    posersA posse of posers
    possumA passel of possum
    postiesA parcel of posties
    potato chipsA salt substrate of potato chips
    pottageA mess of pottage
    poultryA run of poultry
    prairie dogsA coterie, town of prairie dogs
    preachersA converting of preachers
    preachersA pontification of preachers
    prelatesA pontifica of prelates
    prelatesA pontificality of prelates
    premisesA breach of premises
    PresbyteriansA membership of Presbyterians
    Press OfficersAn Alancrockford of Press Officers
    pretzelsA salt substrate of pretzels
    priestsA discretion of priests
    priestsA lechery of priests
    priestsA mass of priests
    priestsA superfluity of priests
    prima donnasA spite of prima donnas
    princesA state of princes
    prisonersA pity of prisoners
    proctologistsA buttload, pile of proctologists
    professorsA pomposity of professors
    professors emeritiAn ex cathedra of professors emeriti
    professors, assistantA clamber of assistant professors
    professors, associateA tenure of associate professors
    professors, fullAn entrenchment of professors
    programmersAn archive of programmers
    programmers, Microsoft computerAn asylum, bloat of Microsoft computer programmers
    proofreadersA squint of proofreaders
    proseAn anthology of prose
    prostitutesA stable of prostitutes
    prostitutesA whored of prostitutes
    prostitutesAn anthology of pros (prostitutes) (see note)]], A firm of solicitors]], A jam of tarts]], A flourish of strumpets
    psychoanalystsA complex of psychoanalysts
    psychologistsA complex of psychologists
    ptarmigansA covey of ptarmigans
    public speakersA twaddle of public speakers
    puddlesA splash of puddles
    puffinsA raft, improbability, circus, loomery of puffins
    pugilistsA box of pugilists
    pugsA grumble of Pugs
    punsA groan of puns
    pupilsA dilation of pupils
    puppiesA litter of puppies
    puppiesA piddle of puppies
    pyromaniacsA blaze of pyromaniacs
    pyromaniacsA conflagration of pyromaniacs