Collective nouns for monkeys
    Collective noun for monkeys usage
    troopA troop of monkeys
    barrelA barrel of monkeys
    cartloadA cartload of monkeys
    tribeA tribe of monkeys
    machinationA machination of monkeys
    wildernessA wilderness of monkeys
    missionA mission of monkeys
    Collective Nouns List
    Collective nouns list
    Subject Collective noun
    machine gunsA nest of machine guns
    mackerelA shoal of mackerel
    magiciansAn illusion of magicians
    magistratesA bench of magistrates
    magpiesA congregation, charm, flock, gulp, murder, tiding, tittering, tribe of magpies
    maidensA rage of maidens
    mallardsA lute, battling of mallards
    mallardsA puddling of mallards (on water)
    mallardsA sord, sute, flush of mallards (Old French sordre = rise up in flight)
    managersAn asylum of managers
    mapsAn atlas of maps
    marching bandsA Sousa of marching bands
    maresA stud of mares
    mares, broodAn overbearance of brood mares
    marinesA muscle of marines
    martensA richness, richesse of martens
    masseursA pummel of masseurs
    mastersAn example of masters
    matadorsA pavanne of matadors
    mathematiciansA number of mathematicians
    mathematiciansA set of mathematicians
    mathematiciansAn addition of mathematicians
    matronsA riches of matrons
    meanderingsA confusion of meanderings
    meatheadsA density of meatheads
    mechanicsA clutch, torque of mechanics
    mediatorsA compromise, caucus of mediators
    menA band of (merry) men
    menA host of men
    merchantsA faith of merchants
    messengersA diligence of messengers
    metallurgistsAn amalgamation of metallurgists
    meteorologistsA shower of meteorologists
    miceA nest, horde, mischief, click, trip of mice
    microbiologistsA colony of microbiologists
    midgesA bite of midges
    midwivesAn expectation of midwives
    minksA richness of minks
    minnowsA shoal, steam, stream, swarm of minnows
    misersA horde of misers
    mitesA mite of mites
    mockingbirdsAn impression, plagiary, exactness, echo, precision, ridicule of mockingbirds
    modelsA slouch of models
    molesA company of moles
    molesA labour of moles
    molesA movement, arbour of moles
    moneyA wad, rouleau, cache of money
    mongoosesA band, pack of mongooses
    mongrelsA ménage of mongrels
    monitorsA bank of monitors
    monkeysA barrel of monkeys
    monkeysA machination, wilderness of monkeys
    monkeysA mission of monkeys
    monkeysA tribe of monkeys
    monkeysA troop, troup, cartload of monkeys
    monksAn abominable sight of monks
    monksAn abomination of monks (see note)
    moorhensA plump of moorhens
    mooseA herd of moose
    MormonsA book of Mormons
    morning gloriesA dawn of morning glories
    morticiansA slab of morticians
    mosquitoesA scourge, swarm of mosquitoes
    mothersA consternation of mothers
    mothers-in-lawA mutter of mothers-in-law
    motorcyclistA clutch of motorcyclists
    mountainsA range of mountains
    mournersA cortege of mourners
    mournersA pathos of mourners
    moving menA truculence of moving men
    mudhenA fleet of mudhen
    mulesA barren of mules
    mulesA pack, rake, string of mules
    mulesA span (team of 2) mules
    munchkinsA phalanx, throng of munchkins
    mushroomsA troop, sproutness of mushrooms
    musiciansA band of musicians
    musiciansAn orchestra of musicians
    musselsA bed of mussels
    mythological creaturesA bestiary of mythological creatures