Collective nouns for leopards
    Collective noun for leopards usage
    leapA leap of leopards
    (the word 'lepe' is an archaic term and went into disuse in the last century)
    Collective Nouns List
    Collective nouns list
    Subject Collective noun
    ladiesA bevy of ladies
    lambsA fall of lambs
    lambsA rack of lambs
    lamentationsA moan of lamentations
    lapwingsA deceit, desert of lapwings
    larksA bevy, flight, happiness, springful of larks
    larksAn ascension of larks
    larksAn exaltation, exalting of larks
    lavatoriesA flush of lavatories
    laws, badA strangle of bad laws
    lawyersA disputation of lawyers
    lawyersA greed of lawyers
    lawyersA huddle of lawyers
    lawyersA quarrel of lawyers
    lawyersAn eloquence of lawyers
    lawyersAn escheat of lawyers
    leavesAn autumn of leaves
    lecturersA drift of lecturers
    leopardsA leap, lepe of leopards
    lepersA colony of lepers
    lesbiansA tough of lesbians
    leveretsA kindle of leverets
    liberalsA pink of liberals
    librariansA catalogue of librarians
    librariansA stack, shush of librarians
    liceA colony, infestation, flock of lice
    linesA pencil of lines (proper contemporary group term in mathematics.)
    linguistsA babble of linguists
    linnetsA parcel of linnets
    lionsA pride of lions
    lionsA sault of lions
    lionsA sowse, troop, flock of lions
    lispersA plethora of lispers
    listenersA fascination, audience of listeners
    lizardsA lounge of lizards
    llamasA herd of llamas
    loafersA multiplication of loafers
    localsA plague of locals
    locustsA plague, cloud, swarm of locusts
    logiciansA sequitur of logicians
    lolliesA packet of lollies
    loopholesA ho ho! of loopholes
    lorriesA fleet, convoy of lorries
    lovebirdsA pair, orgy of lovebirds
    loversA trance of lovers
    ludditesA smashing of luddites
    luminariesAn array of luminaries
    lutistsA litany of lutists
    lynxA chain of lynx