Collective nouns for judges
    Collective noun for judges usage
    benchA bench of judges
    sentenceA sentence of judges
    sittingA sitting of judges
    bevyA bevy of judges
    Collective Nouns List
    Collective nouns list
    Subject Collective noun
    jackdawsA train, pair, band of jackdaws
    jackrabbitsA husk of jackrabbits
    jaysA band of jays
    jaysA cast of jays
    jaysA party of jays
    jaysA scold of jays
    jellyfishA fluther of jellyfish
    jellyfishA smack of jellyfish
    jellyfishA smuth, smuck of jellyfish
    jellyfishA studk, stuck of jellyfish
    jewellersA ring of jewellers
    jewelsA cache of jewels
    JewsA minyan of Jews (the quorum for a congregation)
    jigsaw puzzlersAn assemblage of jigsaw puzzlers
    jockeysA race of jockeys
    joggersA wheeze of joggers
    journalistsA scoop, slant of journalists
    judgesA bench, sentence, bevy of judges
    jugglersA neverthriving of jugglers
    juniorsA gratitude of juniors