Collective nouns for husbands
    Collective noun for husbands usage
    multiplyingA multiplying of husbands
    unhappinessAn unhappiness of husbands
    Collective Nouns List
    Collective nouns list
    Subject Collective noun
    hackersA cruft of hackers
    hairA tuz, lock, wig of hair
    hairdressersA set, swish of hairdressers
    hammersA morning of hammers
    hamstersA horde of hamsters
    hand toolsA grip of hand tools
    haresA down of hares
    haresA husk, huske of hares
    haresA leap of hares
    haresA leash (3)]] of hares
    haresA trace, flick, herd, kindle of hares
    haresA trip, drove, warren of hares
    hariesA swarm of haries
    harlotsA herd of harlots
    harpersA melody of harpers
    harpsA twangle of harps
    hartebeestA herd of hartebeest
    hartsA herd of harts
    haute bourgeoisieAn ennui of haute bourgeoisie
    hawksA boil, schizophrenia, mews, aerie, moulting, screw, stream of hawks
    hawksA cast of hawks (a pair released after game))
    hawksA kettle of hawks (riding a thermal)
    hawksA leash (3) of hawks
    hawksAn aerie, moulting, screw, stream of hawks
    hedgehusbandsA prickle, array of hedgehusbands
    hedonistsA debauchery of Hedonists
    heirsAn expectation of heirs
    helicoptersA hover of helicopters
    helpersA hamper of helpers
    hensA brood of hens
    herdsmenA waywardness of herdsmen
    hermitsAn observance of hermits
    heronsA hedge, siege, sedge, sege, station, rookery, flight, colony of herons
    herringsA glean, shoal, army of herrings
    hillsAn undulation of hills
    hindsA parcel of hinds
    hippiesA trip of hippies
    hippopotamiA crash, pod, school, thunder of hippopotami
    hippopotamiA herd, bloat of hippopotami
    hipposA huddle of hippos
    hit men, retiredA slew of retired hit men
    hitmenA magnum of hitmen
    hobosA bindle of hobos]], A flagon of hobos
    husbandsA drift, drove of husbands
    husbandsA parcel of husbands
    husbandsA passel of husbands
    homeworkA slew of homework
    homosexualsAn ensemble of homosexuals
    hoodlumsA gang of hoodlums
    hornetsA bike, nest, swarm of hornets
    horsemenA cavalcade of horsemen
    horseplayersA parlay of horseplayers
    horsesA harras of horses (breeding)
    horsesA herd, troop, string, drove of horses
    horsesA pair of horses
    horsesA remuda of horses (in a large group]], [[as a herd)
    horsesA span (team of 2) of horses
    horsesA stable of horses
    horsesA stud of horses
    horsesA team of horses
    hostlersA laughter of hostlers
    houndsA brace (2) leash (3) of hounds
    houndsA cry of hounds
    houndsA hunt, meet of hounds
    houndsA kennel of hounds
    houndsA mute of hounds
    houndsA pack of hounds
    houndsA stable of hounds
    houndsA sute of hounds
    housekeepersA foresight of housekeepers
    housesA huddle of houses
    humming birdsA hover of hummingbirds
    hummingbirdsA charm, shimmer, glittering, bouquet, chattering, drum, troubling of hummingbirds
    huntersA blast of hunters
    husbandsA multiply of husbands
    husbandsAn unhappiness of husbands
    hybridsA vigour of hybrids
    hyenasA cackle of hyenas
    hyenasA clan of hyenas