Collective nouns for gorillas
    Collective noun for gorillas usage
    bandA band of gorillas
    troopA troop of gorillas
    whoopA whoop of gorillas
    Collective Nouns List
    Collective nouns list
    Subject Collective noun
    gamblersA talent of gamblers
    gangstersA knuckle of gangsters
    gardenersA sprinkling of gardeners
    gaysA village of gays
    gearsA rack of gears
    geeseA flock, gaggle, trip, team of geese
    geeseA gaggle of geese (wild or domesticated) (on water)
    geeseA nide of geese
    geeseA skein of geese (in flight)
    geese, flyingA wedge of geese (flying in a "V")
    geldingsA clipping, brace of geldings
    generalsA glitter of generals
    geneticistsA helix of geneticists
    geologistsA conglomerate of geologists
    geologistsA formation of geologists
    geometristsA plane of geometrists
    gerbilsA horde of gerbils
    GermansA gross of Germans
    ghostsA fraid of ghosts
    ghostsA fright of ghosts
    giraffesA corps of giraffe
    giraffesA herd of giraffes
    giraffesA stretch of giraffes
    giraffesA totter of giraffes
    giraffesA tower of giraffes
    giraffesA JOURNEY of giraffes
    girlsA giggle of girls
    girls, tanked sororityA bevy of tanked sorority girls
    glovesA elicat of gloves
    gluttonsA slaver of gluttons
    gnatsA cloud of gnats
    gnatsA clout of gnats
    gnatsA horde of gnats
    gnatsA horde, swarm of gnats
    gnusAn implausibility, herd of gnus
    goatsA drove of goats
    goatsA flock, herd of goats
    goatsA tribe of goats
    goatsA trip of goats
    godsA pantheon of gods
    goldfinchA vein of goldfinch
    goldfinchesA drum, charm, glister, chattering, troubling of goldfinches
    goldfishA glint, [[troubling[1]]] of goldfish
    golf ballsA flight of golf balls
    golfersA lie of golfers
    golfersA tedium of golfers
    goonsA plunder of goons
    goosandersA dopping of goosanders
    gorillasA band of gorillas
    gorillasA woop of gorillas
    goshawksA flight of goshawks
    goslingsA [[shoal[e]]], skein of goslings
    gossip columnistsA slither of gossip columnists
    gossipsA dish of gossips
    gourmandsA delicatessen of gourmands
    gourmetsA elicatessen of gourmets
    governessesA galaxy of governesses
    graduate studentsA fortitude of graduate students
    graduatesAn unemployment of graduates
    grammariansA conjunction of grammarians
    grandparentsA nag of grandparents
    grandparentsA wisdom of grandparents
    grapesA bunch, cluster of (sour) grapes
    grassesA fistful of grasses
    grasshoppersA cloud of grasshoppers
    grasshoppersA cluster of grasshoppers
    grasshoppersA swarm of grasshoppers
    greyhoundsA gallop, leash of greyhounds
    griffinsA pryde of griffins
    gritsA mess of grits
    groupiesA grope of groupies
    grouseA brace (2) of grouse
    grouseA brood of grouse (large group)
    grouseA covey of grouse (single family)
    grouseA drumming of grouse (derivation: their mating call]], [[generated with the wings)
    grouseA lek of grouse
    grouseA pack, flight of grouse
    guillemotsA bazaar of guillemots
    guinea pigsA group of guinea pigs
    gullsA colony, pack of gulls
    gullsA screech of gulls
    gunshipsA hailstorm of gunships
    gurusA profit of gurus
    gym instructorsA set of gym instructors
    gymnastsA tumbler of gymnasts
    gynaecologistsA [[smear o gynaecologists
    gypsiesA store of gypsies