Collective nouns for foxes
    Collective noun for foxes usage
    skulkA skulk of foxes
    leadA lead of foxes
    troopA troop of foxes
    earthAn earth of foxes
    leashA leash of foxes
    ('leash' generally refers to a group of three foxes)
    Collective Nouns List
    Collective nouns list
    Subject Collective noun
    fairiesA herd or fantasy of fairies
    falcons, pairA cast of falcons
    falconsA soar or tower of falcons
    fansA thrill of fans
    fartsA gross of farts
    Fence buildersAn encroachment of fence-builders
    fencersA poke of fencers
    ferretsA business, cast, or fesnyng of ferrets
    finchesA charm, chirm, company, trembling, or trimming of finches
    fine printA pitfall of fine print
    firewoodA faggot of firewood
    fishA catch, draught, drift, fray, haul, kettle, run, scale, school, or shoal of fish
    fishermenA drift, exaggeration, grumble or sulk of fishermen
    flamingosA flamboyance, flurry, regiment, skein, or stand of flamingos
    flashersA phalanx or revelation of flashers
    flautistsA phalanx of flautists
    fliesA business, cloud, grist, hatch or swarm of flies
    floristsA bed, bouquet, bunch, garden, or patch of florists
    flowersA bunch or bouquet of flowers
    flying fishA glide of flying fish
    footballersA coach of footballers
    footstepsA patter of footsteps
    forestersA stalk, coop of foresters
    fowlA plump, trip, or skein (in flight) of fowl
    foxesAn earth, lead, skulk, or troop of foxes
    foxes, threeA leash (3) of foxes
    freezersA glacier of freezers
    FrenchmenA peck of Frenchmen
    freshmenA clump, plentitude of freshman
    friarsA scull, skulk of friars
    frogsA knot, froggery of frogs
    frogsAn army, colony of frogs
    front end loadersA heap of front-end loaders
    fungiA colony of fungi
    fur sealsA harem of seals (belonging to one male)
    furnitureA suite of furniture