Collective nouns for fish
    Collective noun for fish usage
    schoolA school of fish
    ('school' generally refers to a group of fish of a single species, moving in full coordination either to avoid predators or in search of food)
    shoalA shoal of fish
    runA run of fish
    catchA catch of fish
    ('catch' generally refers to a group of fish caught for consumption as food)
    haulA haul of fish
    ('haul' generally refers to a group of fish caught using nets)
    fryA fry of fish
    ('fry' generally refers to a group of young fish)
    draftA draft of fish
    kettleA kettle of fish
    driftA drift of fish
    scaleA scale of fish
    draughtA draught of fish
    nestA nest of fish
    Collective Nouns List
    Collective nouns for barracudas
    Collective noun for barracudas usage
    batteryA battery of barracudas
    Collective nouns for bass
    Collective noun for bass usage
    fleetA fleet of bass
    shoalA shoal of bass
    Collective nouns for cod
    Collective noun for cod usage
    lapA lap of cod
    Collective nouns for herrings
    Collective noun for herrings usage
    armyAn army of herrings
    gleanA glean of herrings
    shoalA shoal of herrings
    Collective nouns for salmon
    Collective noun for salmon usage
    bindA bind of salmon
    draughtA draught of salmon
    runA run of salmon
    leapA leap of salmon
    Collective nouns for sardines
    Collective noun for sardines usage
    familyA family of sardines
    Collective nouns for sharks
    Collective noun for sharks usage
    schoolA school of sharks
    shiverA shiver of sharks
    shoalA shoal of sharks
    Collective nouns for stingrays
    Collective noun for stingrays usage
    feverA fever of stingrays
    Collective nouns for trout
    Collective noun for trout usage
    hoverA hover of trout
    shoalA shoal of trout
    Collective nouns for tuna
    Collective noun for tuna usage
    floatA float of tuna
    troupA troup of tuna