Collective nouns for executives
    Collective noun for executives usage
    boardA board of executives
    Collective Nouns List
    Collective nouns list
    Subject Collective noun
    eaglesAn aerie, convocation, jubilee, soar, or spread of eagles
    earth ware, brokenA fragment of broken earth ware
    ecdysiastsA strip of ecdysiasts (striptease artists)
    economistsA deficit or recession of economists
    editorsAn erudition of editors
    eelsA fry or swarm of eels
    eggsA clutch of eggs
    egosA pumphouse of egos
    elandA herd of eland
    electorsA college of electors
    electriciansA grid or ohm of electricians
    elephantsA herd, memory, or parade of elephants
    elkA gang or herd of elk
    Elvis impersonatorsA wiggle of Elvis impersonators
    embarrassmentsA blush of embarrassments
    emosAn embarrassment of emos
    emotionsA wash of emotions
    empiricistsA tabula rasa of empiricists
    employeesA staff of employees
    emusA mob of emus
    engineersAn awkward, design or geek of engineers
    EnglishmenA pound of Englishmen
    epidemiologistsA host of epidemiologists
    EpiscopaliansA government of Episcopalians
    equestriansA prance of equestrians
    errandsA hassle of errands
    estimationsA bout of estimations
    expertsA panel, discord of experts
    exterminatorsA slew of exterminators