Collective nouns for camels
    Collective noun for camels usage
    flockA flock of camels
    herdA herd of camels
    caravanA caravan of camels
    trainA train of camels
    Collective Nouns List
    Collective nouns list
    Subject Collective noun
    cadetsA corps of cadets
    camelsA caravan, flock, herd, train of camels
    (canal) lockA flight of locks
    candidatesA slate of candidates
    candiesA mint of candies
    canonsA dignity, chapter of canons
    canyonsA maze of canyons
    capercailliesA tok of capercaillies (i.e. Old World grouse)
    caponsA mews, muse of capons
    cardinalsA conclave, or radiance of cardinals
    cardsA deck, pack, hand of cards
    caribouA herd of caribou
    carpentersA pound of carpenters
    carsA fleet, mayhem, or stack of cars
    cat housesA mews of cat houses
    caterpillarsAn army of caterpillars
    CatholicsA mass of Catholics
    catsA clowder, cluster, clutter, destruction, dout, dowt, glaring, kindle, litter, or pounce of cats
    cats and dogsA rain of cats and dogs
    cattleA drift, drove, kine, mob, herd, team of cattle
    cattle, twoA yoke of cattle
    cavalryA troop of cavalry
    cavalryA squadron of cavalry
    cellistsA parenthesis of cellists
    censorsA gaggle of censors
    chairsA fold of chairs
    chamoisA herd of chamois
    cheerleadersAn array of cheerleaders
    cheetahsA coalition of cheetahs
    chess playersA board, or brood of chess players
    chickensA brood, chattering, cletch, clutch, flock, or peep of chickens
    childrenAn ingratitude of children
    chimpanzeesA whoop, family, cartload of chimpanzees
    chinchillasA colony, herd of chinchillas
    choughsA chattering of choughs
    churchgoersA congregation of churchgoers
    churlsA cluster of churls
    circuitsA bank of circuits
    clamsA bed of clams
    claquesA shriek of claques
    clerksA school, rookery of clerks
    clothes (old/soiled)A bundle of clothes
    clothesAn outfit of clothes
    cloudsA soufflé of clouds
    clownsA shudder, an alley, or pratfall of clowns
    cobblersA cutting, drunken ship, drunkship, or load of cobblers
    cobrasA quiver of cobras
    cocidesA bed of cocides
    cockatoosA chattering, clattering, cluttering, crackle, or family of cockatoos
    cocklesA bed of cockles
    cockroachesAn intrusion, or swarm of cockroaches
    cock-turkeysA posse of cock-turkeys
    codA lap, school of cod
    coinsA roll, or roleau of coins
    coloraturasA quaver of coloraturas
    coltsA rack, rag, or rake of colts
    comediansA gaggle, or riot of comedians
    communistsA colhose of communists
    computersA cluster of computers
    computers, linkedA network of computers (linked together)
    condimentsAn accompaniment of condiments
    congesA congerie of conges
    coniesA bury, or game of conies
    convictsA gang of convicts
    convictsA chain of convicts
    cooksA temperance, hastiness of cooks
    cootsA commotion, cover, covert, fleet, flock, pod, raft, rasp, or swarm of coots
    corgiA consort of corgi
    cormorantsA flight, gulp of cormorants
    cornA sheaf, shock of corn (pile of stalks).
    coughsA chattering of coughs
    courtesansA harem of courtesans
    cowboy mounts, extraA cavvy, or remuda of extra cowboy mounts
    cowboysA saunter of cowboys
    cowsA drift, drove, flink, herd, kine, or mob of cows
    coyotesA band, pack, rout, or run of coyotes
    cranesA herd, sedge, siege, or flock of cranes
    cricketsAn orchestra of crickets
    crocodilesA bask, congregation, float, or nest of crocodiles
    crowsA cauldron, caucus, congress, cowardice, hover, murder, muster, parcel, or storytelling of crows
    cubsA litter of cubs
    curatesA charge of curates
    curlewsA head, herd, salon, skein, or wedge of curlews
    cursA cowardice of curs
    cymbalsA sign of cymbals