Collective nouns for arrows
    Collective noun for arrows usage
    quiverA quiver of arrows
    sheafA sheaf of arrows
    Collective Nouns List
    Collective nouns list
    Subject Collective noun
    aardvarksAn armoury of aardvarks
    academicsA faculty of academics
    accidentsA spate of accidents
    accountantsA balance of accountants
    accountantsA column of accountants
    acornsA sledge of acorns
    acrobatsA troupe of acrobats
    acronymsA soup of acronyms
    activitiesA plan of activities
    activitiesA schedule of activities
    actorsA cast of actors
    actorsA troupe of actors
    actorsA company of actors
    actorsA condescension of actors
    actorsA queue of actors
    actorsA cry of actors
    actressesAn entrance of actresses
    actuariesA table of actuaries
    addersA sum of adders
    administratorsA network of administrators
    admiralsA bridge of admirals
    adolescentsAn acne of adolescents
    adviceA sheet of advice
    advocatesAn argument of advocates
    aeroplanesA flight of aeroplanes
    aeroplanesA squadron of aeroplanes
    agentsA deal of agents
    agentsAn exaggeration of agents
    aircraftA flight of aircraft
    aircraftA wing of aircraft
    aircraftA squadron of aircraft
    aircraft (fighter)A wing of fighter aircraft
    aircraft (fighter)A circus of fighter aircraft
    albatrossesA rookery of albatrosses
    albatrossesA weight of albatrosses
    albatrossesA flight of albatrosses
    alcoholicsA bevy of alcoholics
    aliens (extraterrestrial)An attack of aliens
    aliens (noncitizens)A boatload of aliens
    alligatorsA congregation of alligators
    alligatorsA bask of alligators
    alligatorsA float of alligators
    alligatorsA raft of alligators
    alpacasA herd of alpacas
    alpacasA flock of alpacas
    ambassadorsA delegation of ambassadors
    ambulancesA fleet of ambulances
    ammunitionA cache of ammunition
    amoebasAn ooze of amoebas
    angel fishA company of angel fish
    angelsA choir of angels
    angelsA chorus of angels
    angelsA flight of angels
    angelsA host of angels
    angelsA pinhead of angels
    anglersA catch of anglers
    animalsA herd of animals
    animalsA mob of animals
    antelopeA herd of antelope
    antelopeA cluster of antelope
    antelopeA tribe of antelope
    antsAn army of ants
    antsA bike of ants
    antsA colony of ants
    antsA swarm of ants
    antsA nest of ants
    apartmentsA suite of apartments
    apartmentsA block of apartments
    apesA shrewdness of apes
    apesA troop of apes
    applesA bushel of apples
    archer fishA company of archer fish
    archersA company of archers
    architectsA argument of architects
    architectsA confusion of architects
    architectsA jealousy of architects
    architectsA rendering of architects
    architectsAn impasse of software architects
    armadillosA roll of armadillos
    armadillosA fez of armadillos
    armadillosA hoover of armadillos
    armoured carsA column of armoured cars
    arms (ammunition)A cache of arms
    arms (ammunition)A stand of arms
    arrowsA quiver of arrows
    arrowsA sheaf of arrows
    artA museum of art
    artilleryA battery of artillery
    artilleryA troop of artillery
    artilleryA park of artillery
    artilleryA rumble of artillery
    artistes (actors, singers etc)A troupe of artistes
    artists (painters)A colony of artists
    asparagusA bundle of asses
    assesA herd of asses
    assesA pace of asses
    assesA coffle of asses
    assesA drove of asses
    asteroidsA belt of asteroids
    astronautsA trajectory of astronauts
    astronomersA galaxy of astronomers
    athletesA team of athletes
    attendantsA entourage of attendants
    attendantsA suite of attendants
    attorneysA greed of attorneys
    auctioneersA hammer of auctioneers
    auditorsA check of auditors
    auksA raft of auks
    auksA colony of auks
    auksA flock of auks
    auntsA suffocation of aunts
    AussiesAn outback of Aussies
    authorsAn advance of authors
    avocetsA colony of avocets