Collective nouns for animals
    Collective noun for animals usage
    herdA herd of animals
    mobA mob of animals
    Collective Nouns List
    Collective nouns for animals
    subject collective noun with usage
    aardvarksAn armoury of aardvarks
    addersA sum of adders
    albatrossesA rookery of albatrosses
    alligatorsA congregation of alligators
    alpacasA herd of alpacas
    antelopesA herd of antelopes
    antsAn army of ants
    apesA shrewdness of apes
    archer fishA company of archer fish
    armadillosA roll of armadillos
    assesA herd of asses
    auksA flock of auks
    avocetsA colony of avocets
    baboonsA troop of baboons
    badgersA cete of badgers
    barracudaA battery of barracuda
    bassA fleet of bass
    batsA colony of bats
    bearsA sleuth of bears
    beaversA colony of beavers
    beesA swarm of bees
    birdsA flock of birds
    bisonA gang of bison
    bitternsA sedge of bitterns
    bloodhoundsA sute of bloodhounds
    boarsA herd of boars
    bobolinksA chain of bobolinks
    bucksA herd of bucks
    budgerigarsA flock of budgerigars
    buffaloesA herd of buffaloes
    bullfinchesA bellowing of bullfinches
    bullocksA drove of bullocks
    bustardsA flock of bustards
    butterfliesA flight of butterflies
    butterfly fishA school of butterfly fish
    buzzardsA wake of buzzards
    camelsA flock of camels
    canariesAn opera of canaries
    cardinalsA conclave of cardinals
    caribouA herd of caribou
    caterpillarsAn army of caterpillars
    catsA clowder of cats
    cattleA herd of cattle
    chamoisA herd of chamois
    cheetahsA coalition of cheetahs
    chickensA brood of chickens
    chimpanzeesA whoop of chimpanzees
    chinchillasA herd of chinchillas
    choughsA chattering of choughs
    clamsA bed of clams
    cobrasA quiver of cobras
    cockatoosA chattering of cockatoos
    cockroachesAn intrusion of cockroaches
    codA lap of cod
    coltsA rag of colts
    coniesA bury of conies
    cootsA commotion of coots
    cormorantsA flight of cormorants
    cowsA herd of cows
    coyotesA band of coyotes
    crabsA scuttle of crabs
    cranesA herd of cranes
    cricketsAn orchestra of crickets
    crocodilesA bask of crocodiles
    crowsA murder of crows
    cubsA litter of cubs
    curlewsA head of curlews
    cursA cowardice of curs
    deerA herd of deer
    dinosaursA herd of dinosaurs
    dodosAn extinction of dodos
    dogsA pack of dogs
    dolphinsA pod of dolphins
    donkeysA herd of donkeys
    dotterelsA trip of dotterels
    dovesA bevy of doves
    dragonsA flight of dragons
    ducklingsA fleet of ducklings
    ducksA flock of ducks
    dunbirdsA flight of dunbirds
    eaglesA convocation of eagles
    eelsA swarm of eels
    elephantsA herd of elephants
    elkA herd of elk
    emusA mob of emus
    falconsA cast of falcons
    ferretsA business of ferrets
    finchesA charm of finches
    firefliesA conflagration of fireflies
    fishA school of fish
    flamingosA stand of flamingos
    fliesA swarm of flies
    fowlA roost of fowl
    foxesA skulk of foxes
    frogsAn Army of frogs
    geeseA flock of geese
    gerbilsA horde of gerbils
    giraffesA herd of giraffes
    gnatsA cloud of gnats
    gnusA herd of gnus
    goatsA herd of goats
    goldfinchesA charm of goldfinches
    goldfishA glint of goldfish
    gorillasA band of gorillas
    goshawksA flight of goshawks
    goslingsA skein of goslings
    grasshoppersA cloud of grasshoppers
    greyhoundsA leash of greyhounds
    griffinsA pride of griffins
    grouseA covey of grouse
    guillemotsA bazaar of guillemots
    guinea pigsA group of guinea pigs
    gullsA colony of gulls
    hamstersA horde of hamsters
    haresA down of hares
    hartsA herd of harts
    hawksA cast of hawks
    hedgehogsA prickle of hedgehogs
    hensA brood of hens
    heronsA siege of herons
    herringsA glean of herrings
    hippopotamusesA bloat of hippopotamuses
    hogsA sounder of hogs
    hornetsA nest of hornets
    horsesA herd of horses
    houndsA pack of hounds
    hummingbirdsA charm of hummingbirds
    hyenasA clan of hyenas
    ibexA herd of ibex
    ibisesA colony of ibises
    iguanasA mess of iguanas
    impalasA couple of impalas
    insectsA swarm of insects
    jackdawsA band of jackdaws
    jaguarsA prowl of jaguars
    jaysA band of jays
    jellyfishA fluther of jellyfish
    kangaroosA mob of kangaroos
    kestrelsA hover of kestrels
    kingfishersA realm of kingfishers
    kitesA soar of kites
    kittensA kindle of kittens
    ladybirdsA loveliness of ladybirds
    lambsA fall of lambs
    lapwingsA deceit of lapwings
    larksAn exaltation of larks
    leopardsA leap of leopards
    liceA colony of lice
    lionsA pride of lions
    lizardsA lounge of lizards
    llamasA herd of llamas
    lobstersA risk of lobsters
    locustsA plague of locusts
    lovebirdsA pair of lovebirds
    mackerelA shoal of mackerel
    magpiesA tiding of magpies
    mallardsA sord of mallards
    maresA stud of mares
    martensA richness of martens
    martinsA richess of martins
    meerkatsA clan of meerkats
    miceA nest of mice
    mockingbirdsAn impression of mockingbirds
    molesA company of moles
    mongoosesA band of mongooses
    monkeysA troop of monkeys
    mooseA herd of moose
    mosquitoesA scourge of mosquitoes
    mulesA barren of mules
    newtsAn armada of newts
    nightingalesA watch of nightingales
    octopusesA consortium of octopuses
    orangutansA buffoonery of orangutans
    ostrichesA flock of ostriches
    ottersA bevy of otters
    owlsA parliament of owls
    oxbirdsA fling of oxbirds
    oxenA herd of oxen
    oystersA bed of oysters
    pandasAn embarrassment of pandas
    parrotsA company of parrots
    partridgesA covey of partridges
    peacocksA muster of peacocks
    pelicansA colony of pelicans
    penguinsA colony of penguins
    perchA pack of perch
    peregrinesA cadge of peregrines
    pheasantsA bouquet of pheasants
    pigeonsA flock of pigeons
    pigletsA litter of piglets
    pigsA herd of pigs
    pilchardsA shoal of pilchards
    platypusesAn impossibility of platypuses
    ploversA congregation of plovers
    pochardA rush of pochard
    polar bearsA aurora of polar bears
    polecatsA chine of polecats
    poniesA string of ponies
    PoodlesA salon of Poodles
    porcupinesA prickle of porcupines
    porpoisesA school of porpoises
    possumsA passel of possums
    poultryA run of poultry
    prairie dogsA coterie of prairie dogs
    ptarmigansA parliament of ptarmigans
    puffinsA raft of puffins
    PugsA grumble of Pugs
    pumaA prowl of puma
    puppiesA litter of puppies
    quailA bevy of quail
    rabbitsA colony of rabbits
    raccoonsA gaze of raccoons
    racehorsesA string of racehorses
    ramsA battery of rams
    ratsA pack of rats
    rattlesnakesA rhumba of rattlesnakes
    ravensAn unkindness of ravens
    reindeerA herd of reindeer
    rhinocerosesA crash of rhinoceroses
    robinsA worm of robins
    roe deerA bevy of roe deer
    rooksA building of rooks
    ruffsA hill of ruffs
    salmonA bind of salmon
    sandpipersA fling of sandpipers
    sardinesA family of sardines
    seagullsA flock of seagulls
    Sea horsesA herd of Sea horses
    sealsA herd of seals
    sharksA school of sharks
    sheepA herd of sheep
    sheldrakesA dopping of sheldrakes
    shrimpsA troup of shrimps
    skunksA stench of skunks
    slothsA slumber of sloths
    slugsA cornucopia of slugs
    snailsA rout of snails
    snakesA den of snakes
    snipeA whisper of snipe
    sparrowsA host of sparrows
    spidersA cluster of spiders
    squirrelsA scurry of squirrels
    starfishA galaxy of starfish
    starlingsA murmuration of starlings
    stingraysA fever of stingrays
    stoatsA pack of stoats
    storksA muster of storks
    swallowsA flight of swallows
    swansA bevy of swans
    swiftsA flock of swifts
    swineA sounder of swine
    swordfishA flotilla of swordfish
    tapirsA candle of tapirs
    tealsA spring of teals
    termitesA colony of termites
    terriersA terror of terriers
    thrushesA mutation of thrushes
    tigersA streak of tigers
    toadsA knot of toads
    tortoisesA creep of tortoises
    toucansA durante of toucans
    troutA hover of trout
    tunaA float of tuna
    turkeysA raffle of turkeys
    turtledovesA pitying of turtledoves
    turtlesA bale of turtles
    vipersA nest of vipers
    volesA colony of voles
    vulturesA wake of vultures
    wallabiesA mob of wallabies
    walrusesA herd of walruses
    warthogsA sounder of warthogs
    waspsA nest of wasps
    waterfowlA plump of waterfowl
    weaselsA sneak of weasels
    whalesA school of whales
    widgeonA company of widgeon
    wildcatsA destruction of wildcats
    wildebeestA herd of wildebeest
    wildfowlA plump of wildfowl
    wolvesA pack of wolves
    wombatsA mob of wombats
    woodcocksA fall of woodcocks
    woodpeckersA descent of woodpeckers
    wormsA clew of worms
    wrensA herd of wrens
    yaksA herd of yaks
    zebrasA herd of zebras