A school of fish
A school refers to a group of fish of a single type, moving in full coordination either to avoid predators or in search of food
A shoal of fish
A shoal refers to a group of fish of a one or more types swimming together
A run of fish
A catch of fish
A catch refers to a group of fish caught for consumption as food
A haul of fish
A haul refers to a group of fish caught using nets
A fray of fish
A fray refers to a group of young fish
A draught of fish
A scale of fish
A kettle of fish

angel fish
A company of angel fish

archer fish
A company of archer fish

A battery of barracudas

A shoal of bass
A fleet of bass

black fish
A grind of black fish

butterfly fish
A school of butterfly fish

A lap of cod

A swarm of eels
A bed of eels
A congress of eels
A fry of eels
A wisp of eels
A draft of eels

A troubling of goldfish
A glint of goldfish

An army of herrings
A glean of herrings
A shoal of herrings

A bind of salmon
A leap of salmon
A run of salmon
A school of salmon
A shoal of salmon
A draft of salmon
A draught of salmon

A school of sharks
A shiver of sharks
A shoal of sharks

A float of tuna
A troup of tuna

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