Collective nouns for eggs
    clutch A clutch of eggs (A clutch is a group of eggs laid by a bird)
    brood A brood of eggs (A brood is a group of eggs being hatched together)
    sitting A sitting of eggs (A sitting is a group of eggs under a brooding bird)
    tray A tray of eggs (A tray is a group of eggs made ready for consumption)
    carton A carton of eggs (A carton is a group of eggs packaged for consumption)
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    Collective nouns list - E
    Eagles aerie / convocation / jubilee / soar
    Earthquakes swarm
    Economists recession / deficit / glut
    Editors erudition
    Eels congress / swarm / bed / fry / wisp / draft
    Eggs clutch / brood / sitting / tray / carton
    Eland herd
    Electors college
    Electricians grid / ohm
    Elephants herd / memory / parade
    Elk gang / herd
    Embarrassments blush
    Employees staff
    Emus mob
    Englishmen pound
    Epidemiologists plague
    Equestrians prance
    Errands hassle
    Estimations bout
    Experts panel / discord
    Collective nouns list - E
    Collective Noun Usage
    embarrassment An embarrassment of parents
    embarrassment An embarrassment of riches
    ensemble An ensemble of homosexuals
    equanimity An equanimity of tranquilizers
    evensong An evensong of choirboys
    exaltation An exaltation of larks