Collective nouns for angels
    host A host of angels
    chorus A chorus of angels
    choir A choir of angels
    flight A flight of angels
    pinhead A pinhead of angels
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    Collective nouns list - A
    Subject Collective Noun
    Aardvarks armory
    Academics faculty
    Accountants balance
    Acrobats troupe
    Actors troupe / company / cast / cry / queue / condescencion
    Actresses entrance
    Adders sun
    Admirals bridge
    Aeroplanes flight / squadron
    Aircraft flight / wing / squadron
    Alcoholics bevy
    Albatrosses weight / rookery / flight
    Aldermen bench
    Allergists hive
    Alligators congregation
    Americans Mayflower
    Ammunition cache
    Amoebas ooze
    Anatomists corpse
    Angelfish company
    Angels host / chorus / choir / flight / pinhead
    Anglers catch
    Animals mob
    Antelopes herd / cluster / tribe
    Ants colony / army / swarm / nest / bike
    Apes troop / shrewdness
    Apples bushel / pie-full
    Archer fish company
    Arms cache / stand
    Arrows quiver / sheaf
    Arsonists conflagration
    Artillery battery / troop / park
    Artists troupe
    Asparagus bundle
    Asses herd / drove / pace / coffle / pass
    Asteroids belt
    Astrologers knot
    Athletes team
    Auks colony / flock / raft
    Avocets colony
    Collective nouns list - A
    Collective Noun Usage
    aarmory An aarmory of aardvarks
    abandonment An abandonment of orphans
    abominable sight An abominable sight of monks
    absence An absence of waiters
    accompaniment An accompaniment of condiments
    addition An addition of mathematicians
    agenda An agenda of tasks
    amble An amble of walkers
    ambush An ambush of tigers

    An ambush of widows
    annoyance An annoyance of mobile phones
    anthology An anthology of poems

    An anthology of prose

    An anthology of prostitutes
    anvil An anvil of blacksmiths
    archipelago An archipelago of islands
    archive An archive of programmers
    armada An armada of ships
    army An army of ants

    An army of caterpillars

    An army of frogs

    An army of herring
    array An array of luminaries
    ascension An ascension of larks
    assembly An assembly of toys
    asylum An asylum of managers
    atlas An atlas of maps
    attitude An attitude of teenagers
    audit An audit of accountants
    audit An audit of bookkeepers
    aurora An aurora of polar bears
    autumn An autumn of leaves